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India, Central Asia & the World Powers
ISBN: 978-93-80607-63-4 • 2013 • HB • 156 pp. • ₹ 695 • $ 49.95 • £ 32.95

India, Central Asia and the World Powers


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edited by Nasir Raza Khan
Associate Professor, Indo-Arab Cultural Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia

This volume offers a fresh insights onto India-Central Asia relations and a deeper understanding of the developing political and economic scenario of the region. Extending research on these subjects, the essays in this volume examine the role of major powers in the region against the backdrop of globalization, disintegration of the Soviet Union, and the emergence of the US as a pre-eminent power. It is within the arena of an emerging ‘New Great Game’ that India must translate its historical, cultural, and civilizational ties with Central Asia into a vibrant and mutually beneficial economic partnership extending not only to trade in goods and services but also bilateral and multilateral investments, scientific collaboration, and commercialization of new technologies. Exploring these issues, this volume foregrounds India’s aspirations and its potential to be a player in the unfolding ‘Great Game’ on an equal footing with other major players like the US, Russia, and China, if it has to successfully protect its vital national interests in this region.


Mohammad Monir Alam • Sima Baidya • Rahul K. Bhonsle • Salim Cöhee • Shams-Ud Din • Sunita Dwivedi • R.G. Gidadhubli • Muhammet Sava̗s Kaflasyali • Mirzokhid Rakhimov • Amita Sengupta • Athar Zafar


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