Sharing Sovereignty
ISBN: 978-93-84082-37-6 • 2015 • HB • 312 pp. • ₹ 1295

Sharing Sovereignty: The Little Kingdom in South Asia (Second Edition)*


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edited by Margret Frenz
Departmental Lecturer in Global and Imperial History, St. Cross College, University of Oxford
Georg Berkemer
Research Associate, Department of South Asia Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

This volume focuses on little kingdoms, a concept developed by anthropologists and historians to characterize a specific type of local rulership in South Asia. Considering examples from various regions of India as well as ethnohistoric and historiographical issues of the little kingdom model, it emphasizes the role of Hermann Kulke, whose work on the little kingdoms of Odisha took forward the explorations of Bernard Cohn and Nicholas Dirks. It also integrates the most comprehensive of these models, i.e. the little kingdom model, with post-modern historiography, which is an important and hitherto neglected issue in current historiographical debates. The essays herein seek to formulate models in analogy to the textual and anthropological studies that have elaborated the idea of the little kingdom as a multifaceted reality – a reality expressed in ritual and performative processes, as well as in textual and oral representations. In doing so, they make a seminal contribution to the understanding of equally structured traditional, political, and ritual authority in South Asia, and its texts and performances.


Georg Berkemer • Tilman Frasch • Margaret Frenz • Heiko Frese • Niels Gutschow • Chandi Prasad Nanda • Maria Schetelich • Burkhard Schnepel • Uwe Skoda • Peter Sutherland • Akio Tanabe • Ulrike Teuscher

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