about PRIMUS

Primus Books is an academic publisher, serving learning and scholarship in higher education and the professional world. We publish groundbreaking research monographs, edited volumes, reference works and textbook in print and electronic formats.

The primary focus of our selective publishing programme is on the fields of history, anthropology, political science, literature, and management. We publish only the best works in critical, contemporary South Asian study, and our authors include specialists from many renowned institutes across the world.

Our collections not only provide readers with a range of critical and insightful subject matter, but also offer innovative methodologies and questions to help better comprehend. In keeping with the modern appetite for dissenting opinions that challenge the mainstream, Primus is committed to producing works that tackle fundamental issues and try to realign understandings and thought patterns.

We have a dedicated and diligent editorial team that combines editorial intelligence with elegant production and marketing flair. Treating every book as a unique event, Primus cultivates transparent relationships with every author, valuing their inputs and working closely with them from the outset. To further our author publisher collaboration, we seek to implement new and innovative ways to communicate with the bookseller and the reader.

Primus Books is the higher academic division of Ratna Sagar P. Ltd., producers of high-quality school-level books.

Primus Books