Religion in Medieval India: Sants and their Panths, by R.P. Bahuguna 

Social Movements in Modern India, by Arun Bandhopadhyay and Raj Sekhar Basu


New Dimensions in Hunter-Gatherer Studies: The Prehistory of Tarafeni Valley, by Bishnupriya Basak


Silent Cinema and the Politics of Space, edited by Jennifer M. Bean, Anupama Kapse and Laura Horak


From Prisons to Public Square: Ethics, Aesthetics and Education in South India: Essays in Honour of Gail Omvedt, edited by Manu Bhagavan and Syed Akbar Hyder


Indian History and Beyond, edited by Osmund Bopearachchi and Suchandra Ghosh


The Epitome of the Law: A Compendium of Jurisprudence from Medieval India, translated by David Brick, Donald R. Davis, Jr. and Mark McClish


Ceramic Variability in Archaeology: An Ethnographic Perspective, by Sharmi Chakraborty


Rehabilitating the Refugee: The East-West Story, by Pallavi Chakravarty


A History of Humanity, by Marvin Bram


Western Medicine and Colonial Society: Hospitals of Colonial Calcutta, 1757–1860, by Srilata Chatterjee


From Science to Society: Journey of an Indian Geologist, by Subhayu Chattopadhyay


For the Forest and the Environmental History of the British Empire and Commonwealth, edited by Vinita Damodaran


Indian Emigrants to Sugar Colonies: A Study through Calcutta Port, 1842-1900, by Sutapa Das and Chandralekha Basu


Hope and Despair: Mutiny, Rebellion and Death in India, 1946, by Anirudh Deshpande


Devrani Jethani Ki Kahani or the Tale of Sisters-in-Law, by Pandit Gauri Datt (translation with annotation and an Introduction by Smita Gandotra and Ulrike Stark)


Reading Indian History Together and Separately: Essays in Honour of Professor Rattan Lal Hangloo, edited by Salma Ahmed Farooqui


Literary Culture and Translation: New Aspects of Comparative Literature, edited by Dorothy Figueira and Chandra Mohan


From Oxus to Indus, by Suchandra Ghosh


Pathways of Creative Research: Dialogues, edited by Ananta Kumar Giri


Archives of Empire – Volume I, edited by Barbara Harlow and Mia Carter


Sur Das: Poet, Singer, Saint (Revised Edition), by John Stratton Hawley


Manifestations of History: Time, Space and Community in the in the Andaman Islands, edited by Frank Heidemann and Philipp Zehmisch


Religion, Conversion and Identity: A Sociological Study of the Uraons in Chotonagpur, by Joseph Mariamus Kujur


Revisiting the History of Medieval Rajasthan: Essays for Professor Dilbagh Singh, edited by Mayank Kumar, Surajbhan Bharadwaj and Rameshwar Prasad Bahuguna


Agrarian System of the Rashtrakuta in the Deccan, by Shyam Narayan Lal


The Voice Dissent: Radha Binod Pal and Tokyo War Crime Trials, by Vinay Lal


The Copperplates from Kollam: Global and Local in Ninth Century South India, edited by Elizabeth Lambourn, Kesavan Veluthat and Roberta Tomber


Democracy in India:  Current Debates and Emerging Challenges, edited by Lancy Lobo and Jayesh Shah


Visual Histories of India: New Methodologies and Perspectives on South-Asian History, edited by Annamaria Montrescu-Mayes and Marcus Banks

advance history of modern india
The Religious Culture of Gujarat by Françoise Mallison Ecology, Economy and Migration: A History of the Jharkhand Region, 1880–1950, by Prabhu P. Mohapatra 

Blending Region and Nation: Essays in Honour of Amalendu Guha, edited by Sajal Nag and Ishrat Alam


Rigveda in its Historical Setting, by R.N. Nandi


Yajnavalkya Smriti: A Textual History of a Hindu Legal Code, by Patrick Olivelle


Prehistoric Research in the Subcontinent: A Reappraisal and New Directions, edited by K. Paddayya and Bishnupriya Basak


Contesting Nationalisms: Discourses on Hinduism, Secularism and Untouchability in Colonial Punjab (1880-1930), by Vikas Pathak


The Dutch Factories in India, 1628–1630: A Collection of Dutch East India Company Documents Pertaining to India, by Om Prakash


Myth of the Social Media Politics, by Biju P.R. and Gayathri O.


Weaving Hierarchies: Handloom Weavers in Early Twentieth Century United Provinces, by Santosh Kumar Rai


Displaced: Lives on the Move, by Manas Ray


Forest Conservation and the Colonial State: Nineteenth Century Western India, by Louiza Rodrigues


Encounters in India, by Dietmar Rothurmund


State Politics in India, edited by Himanshu Roy, M.P. Singh and A.P.S. Chauhan


Beyond the ‘Woman Question’: Reconstructing Gendered Identities in Early India, edited by Kumkum Roy


Niyoga: Commissioned, Procreation and Sexual Regulation in Early India: A Socio-Historical Study in North India (1500 BCE–700 CE), by Smita Sahgal


Streaming the Past: South India in History, edited by Nilanjan Sarkar and Vikas K. Verma


The Fall of the Maratha Empire 1796-1818 (3 Volumes), by Sailendra Nath Sen


Pursuing Death: Philosophy and Practice of Voluntary Termination of Life (Revised Edition), by S. Settar


Essays on Suicide and Self-Immulation 1886-1936, edited by A M Shah and Lancy Lobo


The Relations of Golkonda with Iran, 1518-1687, by M.Z.A. Shakeb, with a foreword by Muzaffar Alam, with an introduction by Subah Dayal


Plunging the Ocean: Courts, Castes and Courtesans in the ‘Kathasaritsagara’, by Tara Sheemar


Islam and its Culture, by I.H. Siddiqui


Maritime Diaspora in Early Modern Gujarat, 1400-1800, by Abhay Kumar Singh


Modernity and Changing Social Fabric of Punjab and Haryana, edited by Yogesh Snehi


Road to Pondicherry: Rhythms of Urban Life and French Footprints 1674-1793, by S. Jeyaseela Stephen


Commercial Hunger, Scientific Thirst and Colonial Taste: Pondicherry and France 1674- 1793, by S. Jeyaseela Stephen


Textbook of Indian History and Culture, by Sailendra Nath Sen


Histories and Identities in Pre-Colonial India, by Cynthia Talbot


Medieval City of Agra, by K.K. Trivedi


Mumbai – Socio-Cultural Perspectives: Contributions of Ethnic Groups and Communities, edited by Ahila Varghese, Swaroopa Kamat and Roshna Poncha


India’s Diaspora Policy and the Politics of Extra-Territorial Incorporation, by Constantino Xavier


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