A Comprehensive History of Modern Bengal, 1700–1950: Volumes I–III

Hidden Histories

Essays in Modern Indian Economic History

Vande Mataram

Sindias and the Raj

India’s Princely States

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Invoking Ambedkar

Popular Translations of Nationalism

Contesting Nationalisms

Christianity in Indian History

Ritual, Caste and Religion in Colonial South India

Blending Nation and Region

Traces of Empire-India, America and Postcolonial Cultures

Cultural Communism in Bengal, 1936-1952

Explorations in Modern Bengal, c. 1800-1900

An Idealist in India

Recording the Progress of Indian History

In Defence of Honour and Justice

Hope and Despair

Religion and Ideology of the Rebels of 1857

Colonial and Contemporary Bihar and Jharkhand

Highland Odisha

Colonial State, Agrarian Transition and Popular Protest in Orissa

Mumbai Socio-Cultural Perspectives

Cochin Forests and the British Techno-ecological Imperialism in India

Indian Emigrants to Sugar Colonies

Tilling the Land

Real and Imagined Widows


The Colonial State

Dictionary of Historical Places

Zafar and the Raj

Interrogating Politics & Society

Contesting Colonialism and Separatism

Disciplined Natives

History, Ideas and Society

Connecting Nations

Modernity and Changing Social Fabric of Punjab and Haryana

Tea Plantation Workers of Assam and the Indian National Movement, 1921-1947

Nature, Knowledge and Development

Development and Deforestation: The Making of Urban Bombay, c.1800-80s

Agriculture and Environment: Debates in the Central Legislature of India, 1937–1957

Rabindranath Tagore: A Mind Staring into Infinity

Chronicles of Time and Chance


India through American Eyes