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Forthcoming Titles

  • Anglo-Indians in Small Towns of India
    edited by Robyn Andrews and Anjali Gera Roy

  • Religion in Medieval India: Sants and their Panths
    by R.P. Bahuguna

  • Social Movements in Modern India
    by Arun Bandhopadhyay and Raj Sekhar Basu

  • From Prisons to Public Square: Ethics, Aesthetics and Education in South India: Essays in Honour of Gail Minault
    edited by Manu Bhagavan and Syed Akbar Hyder

  • The Archaeological Geography of Early Historic Gujarat
    by Atusha Bharcucha

  • The Epitome of the Law: A Compendium of Jurisprudence from Medieval India
    translated by David Brick, Donald R. Davis, Jr. and Mark McClish

  • Shibli Nomani's Safarnamah-I Rum o Misr o Sham
    edited and translated by Gregory Maxwell Bruce

  • Merchants, Renegades and Padris: Portuguese Presence in Bengal, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
    by Radhika Chadha

  • Rehabilitating the Refugee: The East-West Story
    by Pallavi Chakravarty

  • Historicizing Gendered Modernities in India
    edited by Amitava Chatterjee

  • From Science to Society: Journey of an Indian Geologist
    by Subhayu Chattopadhyay

  • Images of Delhi: Literary and Humanistic Geography of Post-Independence India
    by Ramesh C. Dhussa

  • The Forest and Environmental History of the British Empire and Commonwealth
    edited by Vinita Damodaran

  • Devrani Jethani ki Kahani or the Tale of Sisters-in-Law
    by Pandit Gauri Datt (translation with annotation and an introduction by Smita Gandotra and Ulrike Stark)

  • From Masala Films to Bollywood: Changing Conception of Commercial Hindi Cinema to Post-Liberalization India
    by Richard Delacy

  • Clio and her Descendants: Essays for Kesavan Veluthat
    edited by Manu V. Devadevan

  • India's History, India's Raj
    by Robert Eric Frykenberg

  • Early North Bengal from Pundravardhana to Varendra, Fourth Century BCE to Mid Twelfth Century
    by Ranjushree Ghosh

  • History of Global Climate Change
    edited by Mili Ghose

  • Meaningful Rituals: Persian, Arabic and Bengali in the Nurnama Tradition of Eastern Bengal
    by Thibaut Hubert

  • The Anglo-Indians in Hyderabad: Sociolinguistic, Historical and Anthropological Perspectives
    by Smita Joseph

  • India and the Silk Road: Exploring Opportunities in Contemporary Periods
    by Nasir Raza Khan

  • Essays on Sufism
    edited by Meenakshi Khanna

  • Islamic and Cultural Foundations of Kashmiriyat
    by Mohammad Ishaq Khan, with an introduction by Arthur Dudney

  • Religion, Conversion and Identity: A Sociological Study of the Uraons in Chotonagpur
    by Joseph Mariamus Kujur

  • Agrarian System of the Rashtrakuta in the Deccan
    by Shyam Narayan Lal

  • The Voice Dissent: Radha Binod Pal and Tokyo War Crime Trials
    by Vinay Lal

  • The Colonial State and Forms of Knowledge: The British in India
    edited by Vinay Lal

  • The Copperplates from Kollam: Global and Local in Ninth Century South India
    edited by Elizabeth Lambourn, Kesavan Veluthat and Roberta Tomber

  • The Religious Culture of Gujarat
    by Françoise Mallison

  • Ecology, Economy and Migration: A History of the Jharkhand Region, 1880-1950
    by Prabhu P. Mohapatra

  • Yajnavalkya Smriti: A Textual History of a Hindu Legal Code
    by Patrick Olivelle

  • Remembering Public Intellectuals and Academic Lions
    by T.K. Oommen

  • Caste in Kerala: A Historical and Sociological Study
    by K.N. Panikkar

  • The Dutch Factories in India, 1628-1630: A Collection of Dutch East India Company Documents Pertaining to India
    by Om Prakash

  • Weaving Hierarchies: Handloom Weavers in Early Twentieth Century United Provinces
    by Santosh Kumar Rai

  • Displaced: Lives on the Move
    by Manas Ray

  • Forest Conservation and the Colonial State: Nineteenth Century Western India
    by Louiza Rodrigues

  • Encounters in India
    by Dietmar Rothurmund

  • Kolkata in Space, Time, and Imagination
    edited by Anuradha Roy and Mellita Waligora

  • Streaming the Past: Peninsular India in History
    edited by Nilanjan Sarkar and Vikas K. Verma

  • The fall of the Maratha Empire 1806-1818 (2 volumes)
    by Sailendra Nath Sen

  • Textbook of Indian History and Culture
    by Sailendra Nath Sen

  • Caste, Gender and Development
    by Dev Swarup

  • Conflict, Contestation, Eclipse: Revival and Subversion of the Congress Party
    by Suhit Sen

  • Indian Heritage and Culture
    edited by Preeti Sharma

  • Islam and its Culture
    by I.H. Siddiqui

  • Maritime Diaspora in Early Modern Gujarat, 1400-1800
    by Abhay Kumar Singh

  • The Archaeology of Iron and Social Change in Peninsular India
    by O.P Singh

  • Gender in Regional Contexts: Perceptions of Changing Gender Relations Based on Votive Inscriptions (Second Century BCE to Second Century CE)
    by Snigdha Singh

  • Strategies for Human Development and People's Participation: Challenges and Prospects in Rural India
    edited by Yatindra Singh Sisodia and Tapas Kumar Dalapati

  • Eighteenth Century Andhra: Trade, Politics and Society
    by G. Naga Sridhar

  • Caste and Life Narratives
    edited by S.Shankar and Charu Gupta.

  • The Urban Space in Tamil Landscape in the Age of European Commerce and Empire
    by S. Jeyaseela Stephen

  • Histories and Identities in Pre-Colonial India
    by Cynthia Talbot

  • The East India Company and the English Revolution,c 1640 -1714
    by James M. Vaughn

  • The Jews of Goa
    edited by Shalva Weil

  • Democracy against Development: Lower Caste Politics and Political Modernity in Post-colonial India
    by Jeffrey Witsoe

  • In the Shadow of the Cathedral: The Introduction of Urban Landscapes, Human Environment Interaction and Ruination in Velha Goa during Portuguese Colonial Occupation
    by Brian Wilson

  • India's Diaspora Policy and the Politics of Extra-Territorial Incorporation
    by Constantino Xavier

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