Cultural Studies

  • What Happened to the Bhadralok

    This book examines changes in several cultural markers of the Bengali bhadralok in the post-independence period and seeks to understand what they convey about present-day Bengali society.

  • Gender Inequality, Popular Culture and Resistance in Bankura District

    This book examines the connections and interrelationships at play between gender inequality, popular culture and resistance on the basis of case studies conducted in the district of Bankura, an area well known for its tradition and variety of popular culture.

  • In the Name of the Goddess: The Durga Pujas of Contemporary Kolkata

    This book unravels the anatomy of the newly-conjured ‘art’ event of Kolkata’s Durga Pujas by tracking the new production processes, the mounting trends of publicity and sponsorship as well as the practices of mass spectatorship that make for the transformed visual culture of the festival.

  • Autobiography,Travel and Postnational Identity: Gandhi, Nehru and Iqbal

    This book shows that the ‘travelling autobiographies’ of Gandhi, Nehru, and Iqbal differed from earlier traditions of nineteenth-century Indian and colonial travel writing by expressing ideas of selfhood outside overarching notions of nation or nationhood.

  • India through American Eyes: 100 years ago

    This volume presents a rare collection of writings by Americans on early twentieth century India taken from ASIA: The American Magazine on the Orient.

  • Plural Cultures and Monolithic Structures: Comprehending India

    This book raises a set of highly pertinent questions with regard to comprehending the complex issues that arise when plural cultures meet the monolithic structures of administration and policy that accompany the aspirations of the nation state.

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