History of Science and Medicine

  • A Meeting of the Minds: European and Tamil Encounters in Modern Sciences, 1507-1857

    This book uncovers new aspects of the contributions of Portuguese, Dutch, Dane, English and French East India Company officials and European missionaries to intellectual history in the fields of botany, chemistry, medicine, earth and space science within the specific geographical-historical locality of the Tamil coast in the early Modern Age.

  • Contesting Colonial Authority: Medicine and Indigenous Responses in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century India*

    This volume explores the interplay of conformity and defiance amongst the plural medical tradition in colonial India and highlights various indigenous interpretations and mechanisms through which Indian medicine was re-visited against the cultural background of established medical traditions.

  • India’s Indigenous Medical Systems: A Cross Disciplinary Approach

    This volume brings together in one volume essays by historians, botanists and physicians of indigenous as well as Western medicine to show how Indian medicine evolved, constantly adapting itself to the challenges posed by Western medical science.

  • Health Care in Bombay Presidency, 1896–1930

    This book studies aspects of public health in Bombay Presidency from 1896 to 1930.

  • The Social History of Health and Medicine in Colonial India*

    The volume analyses the diverse facets of the social history of health and medicine in colonial India.

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