Maritime History

  • Ports of the Ancient Indian Ocean

    This volume looks at the multisided role that ports played in the exchange and transfer of knowledge between the ‘Indian Ocean’ and Mediterranean societies.

  • Port Towns of Gujarat

    This volume offers new insights on cost-hinterland connections, urban morphology, port cities and littoral societies, the role of Gujarat in the Indian Ocean and data on the history of Gujarat, the Indian Ocean, and the many great port cities on India’s north-west coast.

  • Oceanscapes: Tamil Textiles in the Early Modern World

    This book traces the global diffusion of woven, painted, printed, and dyed cotton Tamil textiles during the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries: this occurred not only because of the skills of Tamil weavers and dyers, but also because of the political and the economic compulsions in the various regions it travelled.

  • Networks of Trade, Polity and Societal Integration in Chola-Era South India, c. 875-1279

    This book studies transitional south Indian society during the critical Chola age, c. 875–1279, when there was notable evolution of pre-existing as well as new societal institutions.

  • The Mughals, The Portuguese and the Indian Ocean: Changing Imageries of Maritime India

    This book explores the changing meanings that ‘maritime India’ acquired during the early modern period as a result of the frequent efforts of the Mughals and the Portuguese, from two different fronts, to control its vast, resourceful enclaves and profit-yielding neighbourhoods.

  • Trade and Politics on the Coromandel Coast: Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries

    This book studies connections between trade and politics in the Coromandel Coast in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with special focus on Madras.

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