Issues in History

Series Editors: Rila Mukherjee • Radhika Seshan

Issues in History begins with the premise that history is both about writing the past and about the re-examination of sources. It will, therefore, focus on rethinking older issues in history, by revisiting known sources, as well as incorporating new sources from archives and providing fresh interpretations. While the initial emphasis will be on aspects of maritime history, this series will not be confined to it. It also aims to move beyond India, and will emphasize as wide a range as possible, both thematic and spatial
  • Rethinking Connectivity: Region, Place and Space in Asia

    This volume urges us to discern not just connections but also connectivities. It gives three examples of ideologies and individuals negotiating connections already established in colonial Bengal, and, from these realms of the visible, moves to the more intangible domain of visual strategies to discern connectivities.

  • Beyond National Frames: South Asian Pasts and the World

    This volume envisions a mobile South Asia flowing beyond its geographical confines, showcasing a history transcending present borders of both land and sea and resulting in a truly connected transnational history of Asia and the Indian Ocean world.

  • Vanguards of Globalization: Port-Cities from the Classical to the Modern

    This volume considers the historical evolution of port-cities from Emporion to Gateway and interrogates their nature over time.

  • Convergence: Rethinking India’s Past

    This volume explores the multiplicity of sources that can be used for studying Indian history. The essays in this volume, however, begin with the premise that such sources, in the true spirit of historical research, need to be re-interrogated.

  • Oceans Connect: Reflections on Water Worlds across Time and Space

    This volume explores how seas and oceans connect not only geographically but also through networks of trade, cooperation, beliefs, scientific knowledge and even rumour.

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