Maritime History

  • Pelagic Passageways: The Northern Bay of Bengal Before Colonialism

    This volume visualizes the cultural space of the northern Bay of Bengal as embracing upland landlocked areas – Ava, Yunnan, the Tripuri, Dimasa and Ahom states – not usually seen as part of maritime history, therefore suggesting that they too be studied as a part of the social and commercial networks of the Indian Ocean.

  • Networks in the First Global Age: 1400–1800

    This volume views waterscapes as conduits of much economic and cultural sharing between peoples and lands, focussing on oceans and seas – the Indian, the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea – and economic, military and cultural transmissions within and across them.

  • Coastal Histories: Society and Ecology in Pre-Modern India

    This volume examines a number of themes pertaining to different coastal regions of India: coastal ecology, commercial crops, transmission of diseases, fortifications, port hierarchy, new port towns, vessels and boats, fishing communities, and social life of women.

  • Maritime India: Trade, Religion and Polity in the Indian Ocean

    This book discusses the various socio-economic and political processes that evolved over centuries in the vast coastal fringes of India and out of the circuits of the Indian Ocean, ultimately giving the littoral zones the distinctive consciousness and identity of Maritime India.

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