Medieval History

  • Composite Culture under the Sultanate of Delhi (Revised and Enlarged Edition)

    The Revised and Enlarged edition of this classic of medieval Indian and Persianate scholarship adds substantially to the author’s exploration of the cultural orientation of the Sultanate of Delhi.

  • Al-Hind: The Making of Indo Islamic World Volume III: Indo-Islamic Society, 14th-15th Centuries*

    This third volume of André Wink’s acclaimed and pioneering Al-Hind: The Making of the Indo- Islamic World takes the reader from the late Mongol invasions to the end of the medieval period and the beginning of early modern times in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.

  • Art and Craft Workshops under the Mughals: A Study of Jaipur Karkhanas

    This book focuses not only on the materials used and the means of production in the karkhanas of Jaipur, but also on their technical aspects of production.

  • Cities in Medieval India

    This volume focuses on the significance of urbanization in medieval India by highlighting aspects of the rural-urban continuum and divide, power assertion, spatialization, social segmentation, labour process, as well as aspects of culture and human activity.

  • State, Society and Ecology: Gorakhpur in Transition, 1750-1830 (Revised Edition)

    This book examines the specificities and peculiarities of Gorakhpur in the period of transition, viz., c. 1750–1830.

  • Inscriptions of the Vijaynagara Ruler (Tamil Inscription) — Vol. 1

    This volume, the fifth in the ICHR series of Vijayanagara inscriptions, is the first part of a two-volume publication and contains 576 Tamil inscriptions of the pre-Krishnadevaraya period.

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