Modern History

  • Tilling the Land: Agricultural Knowledge and Practices in Colonial India

    This volume sheds light on systems of agricultural knowledge, inherited agricultural practices and allied activities, and adoption of new knowledge.

  • Hope and Despair: Mutiny, Rebellion and Death in India, 1946

    This book examines changes in several cultural markers of the Bengali bhadralok in the post-independence period and seeks to understand what they convey about present-day Bengali society.

  • An Idealist in India: Selected Writings and Speeches of Sister Nivedita

    This book puts together representative speeches and writings of Margaret Elizabeth Noble (1867-1911), better known as Sister Nivedita.

  • Tea Plantation Workers of Assam and the Indian National Movement, 1921-1947

    This book studies various phases of workers’ politics in the tea plantations of Assam and deliberates upon the role of nationalist leaders in moulding the fate of these workers.

  • Rabindranath Tagore in South-East Asia: Culture, Connectivity and Bridge Making

    This volume focuses on Rabindranath Tagore’s relations with the many mainland and maritime countries of South-East Asia he visited in the early twentieth century.

  • Nature, Knowledge and Development: Critical Essays on the Environmental History of India

    This volume delves deeply into historical research in order to exemplify theoretical claims of historical meta-narratives and to explain the present predicament of environmentalism.

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