Modern History

  • Music and the Spiritual: Composers and Politics in the 20th century*

    This book discusses select twentieth century continental European composers. Its commentary will evoke the horrors of that age: war, violence, totalitarian systems of Left and Right, Gulag and Holocaust, and Occupations, both Nazi and Soviet.

  • Zafar and The Raj: Anglo-Mughal Delhi c. 1800-1850

    This book studies the formative phase of the history of colonial Delhi, a phase that from its duality, social and political, may be referred to as Anglo–Mughal. From 1803 onwards there were two centres of authority in the imperial city: the Residency and the Palace.

  • Vande Mataram: The Biography of a Song (Revised Edition)

    This book revisits the fascinating story of the song Vande Mataram, an exceptional cultural and historical artefact of the Indian nation and peoples.

  • History, Ideas and Society: S. C. Mishra Memorial Lectures in History

    The essays in this volume concentrate on the concerns and problems that have informed scholarly reflection among historians of South Asia on precolonial and colonial India.

  • Religion and Ideology of the Rebels of 1857

    This book effect a departure from dominant historiography of the events of 1857 and seeks to understand the ideological elements to the background of the rebellion.

  • Disciplined Natives: Race, Freedom and Confinement in Colonial India

    This volume examines three interrelated aspects of the history of British India: race, the disciplining institution, and attempts by the colonised to imagine states of freedom.

Primus Books