Religious History

  • Inviting Death: Historical Experiments on Sepulchral Hill (Revised Edition)

    This book presents the history of the Jaina rules of inviting death, descriptive accounts of Puranic and historical personalities who embraced it, and an interesting body of epigraphical and archaeological remains over a millennium and a half on the Samadhi-betta, the Sepulchral Hill, at Sravana Belgola.

  • Christianity in Indian History: Issues of Culture, Power and Knowledge

    This volume identifies and reflects upon Christianity’s regional and temporal variations from Early Modern times, its links with global Christian institutions and movements, its diverse cultural practices, and its relationship with caste and class.

  • Sixty-Four Yoginis: Cult, Icon and Goddesses

    This book examines different layers of complex phenomena related to the Yoginis based on rigorous fieldwork in the hitherto untraversed terrain where the Yoginis have their abode.

  • Approaching the Divine: The Integration of Āḻvār Bhakti in Śrīvaiṣṇavism

    This book spans the period from the second half of the first millennium, i.e. the bhakti period, and is situated in the context of the ongoing scholarly debate regarding the historical evolution of Tamil Śrīvaiṣṇavism.

  • Essays on Hinduism (Third Edition)

    This volume discusses the basics of Hinduism. The essays herein outline the message of the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanisads, arguing that Hinduism is not a cult, nor a bunch of dogmas, but a religion of the highest order that speaks of an immanent and transcendental god.

  • Buddhism at Sārnāth

    This book attempts a reconstruction of the different Buddhist traditions that evolved at Sārnāth between the preaching of the Four Noble Truths (sixth century BC) and the construction of Dharmachakrajina Vihāra (twelfth century CE) in the early medieval age.

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