Religious History

  • The Junaydi Sufi’s of the Deccan: Discovery of a Seventeenth Century Scroll

    This book recasts the history of Sufism in the Deccan and in India in general: it brings to light some rare thirteenth century documents, including the oldest Persian document in the history of the Deccan.

  • Religious Tradition and Culture in Eighteenth Century North India

    This book highlights the religious and cultural efflorescence in India during the eighteenth century. It examines the wide array of primary sources in Persian and especially in Urdu to study intellectual and cultural trends in the period.

  • Ritual, Caste and Religion in Colonial South India

    This volume attempts detailed analysis of Tamil and Telugu sources to explore the impact of notions of rituals, caste and religion in the formation of social, cultural and religious identities of the society of colonial south India.

  • Gināns: Texts and Contexts, Essays on Ismaili Hymns from South Asia in Honour of Zawahir Moir

    This volume on the Gināns is in honour of Zawahir Moir, one of the earliest scholars of the Gināns.

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