Management Studies and Commerce

  • Indian Commodity Derivative Market: Operation and Performance

    This book provides a detailed analysis of commodity derivatives which were traditionally developed for risk management purposes and are now growing in popularity as an investment tool.

  • Cross-Cultural Management: Practice and Research

    This volume focuses on issues such as competencies, communication, tacit knowledge, entrepreneurial attitudes across cultures, multicultural work teams, and models of organizational learning and ‘crossvergence’.

  • Strategic Development Policies and Impact Studies of Sustainable Rural and Community-based Tourism

    This volume will broaden the prospects of various levels of the tourism industry that are developed or developing at local, regional, national, and international levels.

  • Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Management

    This volume presents an integrated approach to tourism development, focusing on sustainability and authenticity of tourism experiences as effective responses to changes in tourism patterns and relationship matrix, as underpinned by the complex linkages fostered by multiple stakeholders.

  • Applied Case Studies in Marketing

    This book is a prime example of the new content that is needed in the marketing curriculum, introducing young MBAs to new material as well as different ways of viewing the traditional content.

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