Political Science and International Relations

  • The Crisis of 1974: Railway Strike and the Rank and File

    This book on the Indian Railway Strike of 1974 looks at the history, the role of the rank and file in the strike, and the fate of the strike itself.

  • India and Central Asia: Geopolitics, Economy and Culture

    This volume explores the shared values of Central Asia and India and the common approach of a non-conflict model of international relations.

  • The Politics of Ethnicity of India, Nepal and China

    This volume critically reflects on the social, cultural and political processes that have shaped the various ethno-linguistic minorities of India, Nepal and China since the 1950s.

  • Democracy and the Crisis of Inequality in India

    This book analyses how from the early 1990s politics in India began to undergo a fundamental transformation. Ethnic politics occupied centre stage, often prompting violent conflict and major political changes.

  • Federalizing India in the Age of Globalization

    The book conveys the major new direction of change in the Indian political system today.

  • India, Central Asia and the World Powers

    This volume offers a fresh insights onto India-Central Asia relations and a deeper understanding of the developing political and economic scenario of the region.

Primus Books