• Transfer of Knowledge and Children’s Agency: Reconstructing the Paradigm of Socialization

    This volume is a transcultural study of knowledge transmission, a process which is constantly reinterpreted and reinvented by children and youth.

  • Impaired Bodies, Gendered Lives: Everyday Realities of Disabled Women

    This book explores the intersections of gender and disability. Situating disabled women in their local contexts and using an ethnographic approach it provides a review of empirical literature on disabled women, both globally and in India.

  • Pratyaha: Everyday Lifeworlds

    This volume explores a variety of everyday intimacies and estrangements in different institutional settings in the everyday lifeworlds of, mainly, the contemporary urban Indian middle class across Islamic, Christian and Hindu frames of living.

  • Say to the Sun, “Don’t Rise,” and to the Moon, “Don’t Set”: Two Oral Narratives from the Countryside of Maharashtra*

    This book presents translations of two lively and well-crafted examples of the ovī, a genre typical of the oral literature of Marathi-speaking Dhangar shepherds.

  • Urban Development in Howrah: Socio-Economic Perspectives

    This volume is the first comprehensive effort to understand and analyse various aspects of the urban development of the district and the city of Howrah, as well as its economy, transport, environment and its future prospects.

  • Dangerous Marginality: Rethinking Impurity and Power

    This book focuses on village festivals invoking the Matangi, an outcaste clan goddess in Andhra Pradesh, exploring the ambiguous category of outcaste priest and priestess whose intriguing presence appears in fleeting images in colonial archives and missological accounts.

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