india and central asia
India and Central Asia
ISBN: 978-93-84082-70-3 • 2016 • HB • 206 pp. • ₹ 1495 • $ 64.95

India and Central Asia: Geopolitics, Economy and Culture


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edited by Nasir Raza Khan
Associate Professor, Indo-Arab Cultural Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia

This volume explores the shared values of Central Asia and India and the common approach of a non-conflict model of international relations. The essays herein explore India’s relations with Central Asian states – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan – from various perspectives. Trade and cultural relations have flourished between the people of India and Central Asia, particularly along the Silk Route, since ancient times. Under colonial rule too many passages from India to Central Asia came into use. However, with the partition of the Indian subcontinent and the consequent hostility between India and Pakistan, and the emergence of Communist China, India’s direct link to the Central Asian region was cut off. The Central Asian countries and India can collaborate in sharing natural resources like minerals and the transmission of oil and gas, in which Central Asia abounds, leading to a shared security and prosperity, and cultural exchanges. Accordingly, the essays in this volume make a case for the revival of the connectivity between India and the Central Asian states given the great socio-economic and cultural potential of this linkage.


Mohammad Monir Alam • Jyoti Atwal • Muhammad Azhar • Rahul K. Bhonsle • Sunita Dwivedi • R.G. Gidadhubli • Muhammet Savaş Kafkasyali • Nasir Raza Khan • Nalin Kumar Mohapatra • Indira Musayeva • Mirzokhid Rakhimov • Sanjiv Ranjan • Ghazzala Shabbana


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