Ancient History

South Asian Texts in History

Essays in Ancient Indian Economic History

Irreverent History

Notes of Dissent

Aspects of Rural Settlements and Rural Society in Early Medieval India

Representing the Other

Beyond the Woman Question

Looking Within, Looking Without

Insights and Interventions

From the Oxus to the Indus

The Rgveda in its Historical Setting

Plunging the Ocean

Sharing Sovereignty



The City and the Country in Early India

Genealogy, Time and Identity

Buddhism at Sarnath


A Sanskrit Dictionary of Law and Statecraft

The Law Code of Visnu

Clio and Her Descendants

Self, Sacrifice, and Cosmos

Approaching the Divine

State, Power and Legitimacy

Planet, Plants & Animals

The Archaeology of Iron and Social Change in Early South India

India’s Historic Battles

In Search of Vishwakarma

The Making of Regions in Indian History