Visual Histories of South Asia

What Happened to the Bhadralok

Say to the Sun, “Don’t Rise,” and to the Moon, “Don’t Set”

Why Unitary Social Science?

The Measure of Time in the Appraisal of Social Reality

Pathways of Creative Research

Cultivating Pathways of Creative Research

Research as Realization

Impaired Bodies, Gendered Lives

Identities and Assertions

Beyond the Private World

Dangerous Marginality

Indian Emigrants to Sugar Colonies

Another South Asia!

Contesting Nationalisms

Traces Of Empire-India, America And Postcolonial Cultures

Invoking Ambedkar


Plunging the Ocean


Enslaved Innocence

The Song of the Loom

Transfer of Knowledge and Children’s Agency

Essays on Suicide and Self Immolation

Living and Dying

Desi Dreams

Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean

Mumbai- Socio- Cultural Perspectives

Disciplined Natives

Modernity and Changing Social Fabric of Punjab and Haryana

Reimagining Nations and Rethinking Nature