Medieval History

Braj Bhum in Mughal Times

India’s Historic Battles

Medieval India

State and Peasant Society in Medieval North India

Indo-Persian Historiography to the Fourteenth Century

Cities in Medieval India


Relations Of Golkonda With Iran

Junaydi Sufis of the Deccan

Music as History in Tamilnadu

Literature, Culture and History in Mughal North India, 1550-1800

The Making of the Awadh Culture

Art and Craft Workshops Under the Mughals

Revisiting the History of Medieval Rajasthan

Medieval City of Agra

Essays in Medieval Indian Economic History

Religious Tradition and Culture in Eighteenth Century North India

The Spinning World

Medieval Indian Mindscapes

Speaking Rivers

Identity, Community and State

Chingiz Khan

Composite Culture Under the Sultanate of Delhi

Inscriptions Of The Vijayanagara Rulers

Studies in Polity, Economy and Society of the Trans-Gangetic Valley: Fifteenth-Nineteenth Centuries

Pondicherry under the French

State, Society and Ecology

Religious Cultutre  of Gujarat

Streaming the Past