Publishing Process


  • Prospective authors need to fill in the Primus Publishing Proposal Form available on our website.
  • The editorial and marketing teams study the form for content and saleability, respectively.
  • The above being positive, the manuscript is called for and sent for peer review. Both parties remain anonymous to each other in this process.
  • If the reviewer’s report is positive, suggestions from the reviewerthat are reasonable andwhich would add value to the manuscript are sent to the author. At this point the author is also sent a copy of the RatnaSagar House Style with a request to impose the housestyle on the manuscript. When the author sends the revised manuscript, it is lined up for editing.
  • Meanwhile, the contract is prepared and signed.



  • Every author will be put in touch with an editor, who will read and check the manuscript for substance, sense and consistency.
  • The copyedited manuscript is sent to the author with changes and queries (if any).
  • Once the author is satisfied with the editing process and approves it, the project is handed over to the production team, who send the manuscript for typesetting.
  • While the proofs are being readied, the editor and author work to design a suitable jacket for the book. Each author is provided with 2–3 options to choose from.



  • As the first proofs arrive, they are sent to the author. Both the author and a proofreader from the production team read the text simultaneously for any remaining errors or glitches. This exercise may be repeated 2–3 times to bring out an error-free copy.
  • Once finalized by both the author and the head of the production department, the book is sent to press.



  • On receiving stock, the marketing team sends out publicity leaflets, reviewer copies, complimentary copies, etc., to promote the book.
  • Titles are also displayed at various events around the world to increase reach and sales. Primus Books regularly participates in the Indian History Congress, the Annual Conference at Madison, AAS-in-Asia, World Book Fair, etc.
  • The marketing team also helps authors compete for various academic awards.