• Trailokyanath Mukhopadhayay’s Kankabati

    This volume is the latest English language translation of Trailokyanath Mukhopadhay’s Kankabati , a story about a little girl in nineteenth century Bengal.

  • At the Crossroads of Culture and Literature

    This volume offers a detailed and accessible socio-cultural and literary study of the material and symbolic life of indigenous communities and the South Asian diaspora in North America and India.

  • Rabindranath Tagore’s Gora: A Critical Companion

    This volume situates Rabindranath Tagore’s iconic Gora in his times and ours, examining contexts that produced it and reasons that make it acutely relevant today.

  • Understanding the Novel: A Theoretical Overview

    This book reiterates that the novel remains a relevant and pertinent concept and that any reckoning with the form has to integrally involve its character as a flexible and incorporative genre.

  • Gender, Space and Creative Imagination: The Poetics and Politics of Women’s Writing in India

    This book is about contemporary women’s writing in India and its experiential, ideological, and representational topography.

  • Essays on the Arabian Nights

    This volume revisits translations of The Arabian Nights and also reassesses its impact on world literature.

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