• Manifestations of History: Time, Space, and Community in the Andaman Islands

    This volume highlights the significant, yet underestimated, place of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in socio-cultural and historical studies of the Indian Ocean region.

  • Redefining Tribal Identity: The Changing Identity of the Santhals in South-West Bengal

    This book seeks to explore the evolution of Santhal ethnic identity, taking into account the changes that the Santhals have undergone in their mental and material world as a result of the impact of the forces of modernization – both during the colonial as well as the post-colonial periods.

  • The Song of the Loom

    This book is a narrative from below, mediated through the author’s interaction with south Indian weaving communities for over two decades.

  • Narratives from the Margins: Aspects of Adivasi History in India

    This volume discuss a range of issues affecting the socio-economic and cultural life of adivasis in India and explore the long term continuities and discontinuities between different political regimes.

  • Being Tribal

    This book attempts to define tribal society, traces tribal migrations in history, and examines their modes of agricultural production.

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