Medieval History

  • Essays in Medieval Indian Economic History

    This volume is part of a three-volume series comprising representative articles of Indian History Congress Proceedings (1935-85). In their analysis of the economic history of India during the thirteenth-eighteenth centuries, the essays in this volume delineate a shift from the studies of policies to the working of the revenue system, and its impact on the lives of the Indian people.

  • Studies in Polity, Economy and Society of the Trans-Gangetic Valley: Fifteenth-Nineteenth Centuries

    This book explores the varied political structures and socio-cultural formations in the Trans-Gangetic Valley from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

  • The Spinning World: A Global History of Cotton Textiles, 1200–1850*

    This volume explores the pre-modern history of cotton, examining the medieval and early modern antecedents of cotton production.

  • Medieval Indian Mindscapes: Space • Time • Society • Man

    This book centres on the world perception of Indians in precolonial times. It compares the specific features of their ‘mental programme’ and its comparability with counterparts in other pre-modern societies.

  • Literature, Culture and History in Mughal North India, 1550–1800

    This book studies Mughal Indian polity and the dynamics of family, kinship and caste through Riti Kal literature. It is the first detailed study of the so-called vernaculars, in this case the Braja poetry, as source material, so far neglected by both, the literati and the historians, in the context of Mughal north India.

  • Music as History in Tamilnadu

    This book examines the ways in which interdisciplinarity between music and history may be established and also how history and aesthetics exist in reciprocal relation to one another.

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