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With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Columbia University Press, University of Chicago Press, and University of California Press have combined their resources to launch ‘South Asia Across the Disciplines’, a major new series devoted to first books in this vibrant area of scholarship. This series aims to raise important and innovatve questons in the field, such as the relatonship between South Asian studies and the disciplines; the conversation between past and present in South Asia; the history and nature of modernity, especially in relation to cultural change, politcal transformation, secularism and religion, and globalizaton. Above all, the series showcases monographs that strive to open up new archives, especially those in South Asian languages, and suggest new methods and approaches, while demonstrating that South Asian scholarship can be at once deep in expertise and broad in appeal.
    As a collaboration between leading university presses, ‘South Asia Across the Disciplines’ marks a new approach. Each book in the series is being published under the imprint of one of the three presses, but all are promoted as part of the series, sharing in design, advertising, and publicity. Primus Books is the South Asia co-publishing partner for ‘South Asia Across the Disciplines’.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Andrew Ollett
2018, Royal 8vo, 310pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-95-2
Price: 1,250
For sale only in South Asia

This book traces the history of the Prakrit language as a literary phenomenon, starting from its cultivation in courts of the Deccan in the first centuries of the common era. Although little studied today, Prakrit was an important vector of the kavya movement and once joined Sanskrit at the apex of classical Indian literary culture.

'Andrew Ollett's book is one of those scholarly breakthroughs that happen, with luck, once or twice in a generation. It reveals the richness of Prakrit language and literary modes with a precision and depth of insight never seen before; and it radically reformulates the relations between these multiple Prakrit domains and the cultural roles of classical Sanskrit, now seen to be profoundly, indeed inextricably, bound up with Prakrit and with all that Prakrit means for the way language is understood in ancient and medieval South Asia.'
— DAVID SHULMAN, Professor Emeritus, Hebrew University

'Ollett offers a brilliant, original, and thoroughly engaging investigation of the complex language order of premodern India. Bringing to the fore the less studied role of the literary Prakrits, his work makes a major contribution to our understanding of the history of language and literature in early India and Beyond'
— R.P. GOLDMAN, Catherine and William L. Magistretti
Distinguished Professor in Sanskrit and India Studies,
University of California, Berkeley

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Transnational Commercial Surrogacy in India
Amrita Pande
2018, Royal 8vo, 266pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-91-4
Price: 1,095
For sale only in South Asia

Surrogacy is India's new form of outsourcing, as couples from all over the world hire Indian women to bear their children for a fraction of the cost of surrogacy elsewhere with little to no government oversight or regulation. In the first detailed ethnography of India's surrogacy industry, Amrita Pande visits clinics and hostels and speaks with surrogates and their families, clients, doctors, brokers, and hostel matrons in order to shed light on this burgeoning business and the experiences of the laborers within it.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Religion and Public Sphere in Early Modern South India
Elaine M. Fisher
2018, Royal 8vo, 296pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-86-0
Price: 1,195
For sale only in South Asia

In this volume, Elaine M. Fisher complicates the traditional scholarly narrative of the unification of Hinduism. By calling into question the colonial categories implicit in the term 'sectarianism', Fisher's work excavates the pluralistic textures of precolonial Hinduism in the centuries prior to British intervention.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
The Archival and Affective Lives of Five Monuments in Modern Delhi
Mrinalini Rajagopalan
2018, Crown Quarto, 270pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84092-88-7
Price: 1,995
For sale only in South Asia

This book offers innovative accounts of five medieval monuments in Delhi-the Red Fort, Rasul Numa Dargah, Jama Masjid, Purana Qila, and the Qutb complex-tracing their modern lives from the nineteenth century into the twentieth. Mrinalini Rajagopalan argues that the modern construction of the history of these monuments entailed the careful selection, manipulation, and regulation of the past by both the colonial and later postcolonial states.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
J. Barton Scott
2017, Royal 8vo, 280pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-69-3
Price: 1,195
For sale only in South Asia

Historians of religion have examined at length the Protestant Reformat on and the liberal idea of the self-governing individual that arose from it. In this book, J. Barton Scott reveals an unexamined piece of this story: how Protestant technologies of asceticism became entangled with Hindu spiritual practices to create an ideal of the ‘self-ruling subject’ crucial to both nineteenth-century reform culture and early twentieth-century anti-colonialism in India.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Aspiration in an Indian Scheduled Tribe
Megan Moodie
2017, Royal 8vo, 230pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-48-8
Price: 995
For sale only in South Asia

In this book, anthropologist Megan Moodie examines the Indian state’s relationship to ‘Scheduled Tribes’, or adivasis—historically oppressed groups that are now entitled to affirmative action quotas in educational and political institutions. Through a deep ethnography of the Dhanka in Jaipur, Moodie brings readers inside the imaginative work of these long-marginalized tribal communities.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Real Estate and the Neoliberal Imagination in Contemporary India
Llerena Guiu Searle
2017, Royal 8vo, 326pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-30-3
Price: 1,195
For sale only in South Asia

Over the past few decades, India has experienced a sudden and spectacular urban transformation. Gleaming business complexes encroach on fields and villages. Giant condominium communities offer gated security, indoor gyms, and pristine pools. Spacious, airconditioned malls have sprung up alongside open-air markets. This volume examines India's booming developments and offers a nuanced ethnographic treatment of late capitalism.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
The Rhetorical Imagination of Hindi Dalit Literature
Laura R. Brueck
2017, Royal 8vo, 230pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84092-72-6
Price: 995
For sale only in South Asia

This book is the first close study of the growing body of contemporary Hindi-language Dalit (low caste) literature in India. The Dalit literary movement has had an immense sociopolitical and literary impact on various Indian linguistic regions, yet few scholars have attempted to situate the form within contemporary critical frameworks. Laura R. Brueck's approach goes beyond recognizing and celebrating the subaltern speaking, emphasizing the sociopolitical perspectives and literary strategies of a range of contemporary Dalit writers working in Hindi.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Sacred Kingship and Sainthood in Islam
A. Azfar Moin
2017, Royal 8vo, 364pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84092-71-9
Price: 1,250
For sale only in South Asia

This book traces how royal dynastic cults and shrine-centered Sufism came together in the imperial cultures of Timurid Central Asia, Safavid Iran, and Mughal India. By juxtaposing imperial chronicles, paintings, and architecture with theories of sainthood, apocalyptic treatises, and manuals on astrology and magic, this book uncovers a pattern of Islamic politics shaped by Sufi and millennial motifs.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Urdu, Hindi, and the Definition of Modern South Asia
Walter N. Hakala
2017, Royal 8vo, 314pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84092-70-2
Price: 1,250
For sale only in South Asia

Prior to the nineteenth century, South Asian dictionaries, glossaries, and vocabularies reflected a hierarchical vision of nature and human society. By the turn of the twentieth century, the modern dictionary had democratized and politicized language. Compiled "scientifically" through "historical principles", the modern dictionary became a concrete symbol of a nation's arrival on the world stage. Following this phenomenon from the late seventeenth century to the present, Negotiating Languages casts lexicographers as key figures in the political realignment of South Asia under British rule and in the years after independence.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Chandar Bhan Brahman and the Cultural World of the Indo-Persian State Secretary
Rajeev Kinra
2019, Royal 8vo, 392pp, Pb
Series ISBN: 978-93-5290-304-7
Price: 850
For sale only in South Asia

This book examines the life, career, and writings of Chandar Bhan Brahman, a Mughal state secretary who was also one of the great Indo-Persian poets and prose stylists of early modern South Asia. Chandar Bhan was a high-caste Hindu whose life spanned the reigns of four emperors-Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb 'Alamgir-whose courts dominated the culture and politics of the subcontinent at the height of Mughal imperial power, territorial reach, and global influence.

South Asia Across the Disciplines
Chandar Bhan Brahman and the Cultural World of the Indo-Persian State Secretary
Rajeev Kinra
2016, Royal 8vo, 392pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84092-69-6
Price: 1,250
For sale only in South Asia

This book examines the life, career, and writings of Chandar Bhan Brahman, a Mughal state secretary who was also one of the great Indo-Persian poets and prose stylists of early modern South Asia. Chandar Bhan was a high-caste Hindu whose life spanned the reigns of four emperors-Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb 'Alamgir-whose courts dominated the culture and politics of the subcontinent at the height of Mughal imperial power, territorial reach, and global influence.

The aim of this academic historical series is to produce well-researched monographs on the wars and armed forces of South Asia, concentrating mainly on the East India Company and the Indian armed forces from 1757 until 1947. Books in the series will examine the military history of the period as well as social, cultural, political and economic factors, although inevitably the armies of the East India Company and the Indian Army will dominate the series.

War and Military Culture in South Asia
The Indians on Gallipoli, 1915
Peter Stanley
2017, Royal 8vo, 384pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-38-9
Price: 1,295
For sale only in South Asia

About 1,600 of the Indians who served on Gallipoli died, in action at Gurkha Bluff and Hill 60. They took part in terrible, failed attacks, at Gully Ravine and Gully Spur andin the climactic attempt in August to seize the summit of Sari Bair-one of the Gurkhas' most cherished battle honours. Though commemorated on the great memorial to the missing at Cape Helles (because most Indians' bodies were crematedor, actually, lost) they are practically invisible on Gallipoli today.

War and Military Culture in South Asia
The Sixteenth Lancers and British Soldiering in India, 1822-1846
John H. Rumsby
2017, Royal 8vo, 394pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-26-6
Price: 1,995
For sale only in South Asia

The Sixteenth Lancers already had a long and distinguished history when they sailed for India in 1822. Over the next twenty-four years they fought in four wars, most famously in the Sutlej campaign against the Sikhs. This book examines what regimental soldiering was like in India in those years. It draws on an unprecedented range of mainly unpublished sources: official archives but also journals and letters of officers and men.

War and Military Culture in South Asia
The Changing Status of Indian Officers in the Indian Army, 1757-1947
Michael Creese
2017, Royal 8vo, 228pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-27-3
Price: 995
For sale only in South Asia

The Indian Army founded by the East India Company in the eighteenth century was unique among the armies of the world in that it had two groups of officers - British and Indian. The intention was that the Indian officers, coming from similar backgrounds as their men and naturally understanding their social and religious mores and customs, would form the crucial link between the British officers and the sepoy.

Barry Rodrigue, Research Professor, Russian Academy of Sciences
Lenoid Grinin, Senior Research Professor, Russian Academy of Sciences
Andrey Korotayev, Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Big History is a new field that has been developing rapidly around the world. It seeks to understand the integrated history of the cosmos, Earth, life and humanity by using the best empirical evidence and scholarly methods. From Big Bang to Galactic Civilizations is a three volume series which will challenge, excite, and prompt readers to quest on their very existence, and offer rare insights into the newest discoveries within the field of Big History. Together with the authors, who originate from all inhabited corners of our planet, readers will embark upon a fascinating journey into the depths of time and space, bringing them closer to an understanding of our origins and our future.

From Big Bang to Galactic Civilizations: A Big History Anthology
Cosmos, Life, Society and Our Future
Edited by Barry Rodrigue, Leonid Grinin and Andrey Korotayev
2016, Royal 8vo, 392pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-86552-24-2
Price: 1,995 l $69.95 l £46.95

The Third Volume of the Big History Series helps us to understand the nature of our existence and consider the pathways to our future. This volume will challenge and excite your vision of your own life as well as focus on the new discoveries happening around us. Together with the authors, who come from all the inhabited continents of our planet, you will embark on a fascinating trip into the depths of time and space, and — we hope — will join us in coming to an understanding of our origins and our future.

From Big Bang to Galactic Civilizations: A Big History Anthology
Big History Around the World
Edited by Barry Rodrigue, Leonid Grinin and Andrey Korotayev
2016, Royal 8vo, 392pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84082-73-4
Price: 1,995 l $69.95 l £46.95

This volume will interest not just scholars of Big History, Astronomy, Sociology, and Anthropology, but also general readers interested in understanding our existence as evolving life forms. The wealth of material constituting this volume may be used in colleges, schools, and research institutions around the world, such as Harvard University, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the University of London, and NASA.

From Big Bang to Galactic Civilizations: A Big History Anthology
An Introduction to Big History
Edited by Barry Rodrigue, Leonid Grinin and Andrey Korotayev
2015, xii + 358pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84082-45-1
Price: 1,595

Big History is a new field that has been developing rapidly around the world. In volume one Our Place in the Universe: An Introduction to Big History our existence is regarded from different points of view: as a history of the universe, as a philosophy, and as a factor in the life of people. This edition will challenge and excite your vision of your own life and the new discoveries going on around us.

Rila Mukherjee • Radhika Seshan
Issues in History begins with the premise that history is both about writing the past and about the re-examination of sources. It will, therefore, focus on rethinking older issues in history, by revisiting known sources, as well as incorporating new sources from archives and providing fresh interpretations. While the initial emphasis will be on aspects of maritime history, this series will not be confined to it. It also aims to move beyond India, and will emphasize as wide a range as possible, both thematic and spatial.

Issues in History
Peoples, Lives and Livelihoods in Asia and Beyond
Edited by Rila Mukherjee
2017, Royal 8vo, 207pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84092-00-9
Price: 995 l $49.95 l £32.95

This book examines the relation between water and human history through the prism of archaeology, ethnography, history, maritime anthropology, literature, sociology and musicology. Moving away from traditional themes of maritime history such as oceanic trade, migration, slavery, piracy, shipping and port-to-port linkages-and from the generic themes of maritime contacts and market exchanges, of cultural contacts and technology transfers, and of collaboration versus military conflict-the volume focusses instead on human-water interaction in history.

Issues in History
Region, Place and Space in Asia
Edited by Rila Mukherjee and Lipi Ghosh
2016, xiv + 186pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84082-84-0
Price: 1,450

This volume urges the reader to discern not just connections but also connectivities. This volume gives three examples of ideologies and individuals negotiating connections already established in colonial Bengal, and, from these realms of the visible, moves to the more intangible domain of visual strategies to discern connectivities.

Issues in History
South Asian Pasts and the World
Edited by Rila Mukherjee
2015, xii + 280pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-84082-41-2
Price: 1,195

Beyond National Frames: South Asian Pasts and the World advocates re-orienting our vision that has so far seen South Asia as a tightly circumscribed space. Envisioning a mobile South Asia flowing beyond its geographical confines, this volume of essays showcases a history transcending present borders of both land and sea resulting in a truly connected transnational history of Asia and the Indian Ocean world.

Issues in History
Port-Cities from the Classical to the Modern
Edited by Rila Mukherjee
2014, xviii + 426pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-80607-94-8
Price: 1,295

Vanguards of Globalization: Port-Cities from the Classical to the Modern looks at the historical evolution of port-cities from emporion to gateway and interrogates their nature over time. This volume studies specific port-cities such as Barbarikon, Chaul, Porto Novo, Madras, Nagasaki, and Sitangkai, and more generally the ports around the Erythraean Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, Portuguese, Andhra, Bengal and Vietnamese coast.

Issues in History
Rethinking India's Past
Edited by Radhika Seshan
2014, xii + 134pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-80607-05-4
Price: 695

Convergence: Rethinking India's Past explores the multiplicity of sources that can be used for studying Indian history, this book traces how texts, literature, inscriptions, and other sources have long been but the fountainheads of history.

Issues in History
Reflections on Water Worlds across Time and Space
Edited by Rila Mukherjee
2012, xvi + 296pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-80607-40-5
Price: 995

Oceans Connect: Reflections on Water Worlds across Time and Space explores how seas and oceans connect not only geographically but also through networks of trade, cooperation, beliefs, scientific knowledge and even rumour.


Meera Uberoi
2019, Royal 8vo, 386pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-5290-275-0
Price: 295 l $29.95 l £24.95

'What is in the Bharata is everywhere and what is not is nowhere', states The Mahabharata which deals not only with the power struggle between the princes of two clans but also with a variety of branches of learning. Woven into the main theme are lengthy dissertations and treatises on philosophy, ethics, morality, statecraft and metaphysics.

The Biography of a Song (Revised Edition)
Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
2019, Royal 8vo, 148pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-5290-309-2
Price: 395

There are some writings which remain in the pages of books, and then there are some exceptional writings which come out of the pages and enter our life. The song Vande Mataram is of that exceptional kind. When we look back to that song published 130 years ago in 1882 and written even earlier, many questions crowd our mind. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya revisits the fascinating story he told in a widely acclaimed book he wrote in 2003 providing satisfaction for our inquisitive mind.

Vedic Thought, Ritual, and Philosophy
Edited by Lauren M. Bausch
2019, Royal 8vo, 260pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-5290-344-3
Price: 995 l $49.95 l £39.95

The eleven articles in this volume mark a significant advance in Vedic studies. Contributions range widely across critical topics in early, middle, and late Vedic texts and their commentaries, as well as classical themes in contemporary Sanskrit literature.

Politico-Cultural Mapping of India and South East Asia
Edited by Achintya Kumar Dutta and Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury
2019, Royal 8vo, 224pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-5290-269-9
Price: 995 l $49.95 l £36.95

An important aspect of India's foreign policy from the 1990s has been its attempt to consolidate its ties of friendship and mutual understanding with its East and South East Asian neighbours. India's Act East Policy has initiated a new positive approach towards South East Asia through its roots which can be traced to India's past history and tradition.

The Gupta Kingdom
Edited by Kunal Chakrabarti and Kanad Sinha
2019, Royal 8vo, 972pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-5290-279-8
Price: 1,195 l $74.95 l £59.95

This volume presents a comprehensive account of the Gupta state, with particular emphasis on its strategies of legitimizing its power. The political strategies that characterized this crucial juncture of early Indian history, termed 'threshold times' by Romila Thapar, employed certain features of ancient Indian polity even as new political mechanisms were emerging.

The Gupta Kingdom
Edited by Kunal Chakrabarti and Kanad Sinha
2019, Royal 8vo, 972pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-5290-280-4
Price: 1,995 l $104.95 l £79.95

This volume presents a comprehensive account of the Gupta state, with particular emphasis on its strategies of legitimizing its power. The political strategies that characterized this crucial juncture of early Indian history, termed 'threshold times' by Romila Thapar, employed certain features of ancient Indian polity even as new political mechanisms were emerging.

Illuminating the Urban Landscape, 1674-1793
S. Jeyaseela Stephen
2018, Royal 8vo, 690pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-92-1
Price: 1,695 l $79.95 l £64.95

This book explores how the town of Pondicherry developed as the epicentre of the French presence in India, becoming a major centre of Company administration. It evaluates the relative significance of inland trade and overseas commerce in generating mercantile wealth by examining the volume and value of commercial transactions and the interactions between the French, Tamils, Telugus, Gujaratis and the Armenians.

Meanings in Maithili Folklore
Dev Nath Pathak
2018, Royal 8vo, 258pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-5290-215-6
Price: 950 l $49.95 l £36.95

A hermeneutic engagement with Maithili folk songs allows this book to hinge upon the notions of living and dying in the contemporary world despite the admission that medicine, insurance, market, and media may condition human experiences.

Edited by Yogesh Snehi and Lallan S. Baghel
2018, Royal 8vo, 454pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-98-3
Price: 1,295 l $64.95 l £52.95

This eclectic collection of essays is embedded in both the past and present of the region's complex interface with modernity. It is pertinent to note that despite the postmodernist critiques of the abstract notion of the term modern, modernity continues to be relevant for an understanding of contemporary social processes.

Ecological Paradigms in Buddhism
Anand Singh
2018, Royal 8vo, 296pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-5290-226-2
Price: 995 l $54.95 l £42.95

This book is a modest attempt to look at and examine the beginnings of ecological concerns in the Buddhist religious traditions, based on a meticulous examination of diverse narratives pointing towards a correlation between Buddhism and environmental issues.

Essays in Honour of Kesavan Veluthat
Edited by Manu V. Devadevan
2018, Royal 8vo, 1014pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-96-9
Price: 1,995 l $104.95 l £79.95
Pb ISBN: 978-93-86522-97-6
Pb Price: 1,395 l $79.95 l £64.95

Professor Kesavan Veluthat, in a significant departure from the existing scholarship, represented by K.A. Nilakanta Sastri, T.V. Mahalingam, and Elamkulam P.N. Kunjan Pillai, explored aspects of historical transition, political structures, settlement patterns, agrarian relations, religion, and ideology in early medieval Tamil Nadu and Kerala, thus changing the terms of the debate and reconstructing the study of South Indian history in ways that are irreversible.

Edited by A.M. Shah and Lancy Lobo
2018, Royal 8vo, 242pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-89-1
Price: 1,995 l $59.95 l £47.95

This book is a collection of papers on suicide and self-immolation, reprinted from the almost forgotten Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay, published in 1886-1936. The book carries Foreword by Professor Ashis Nandy on death and self in culture.

Dwijendralal Roy of Bengal
Sarvani Gooptu
2018, Royal 8vo, 320pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-93-8
Price: 1,195 l $64.95 l £52.95

During his lifetime Dwijendralal Roy (1863-1913) was one of Bengal's best known poet-musician-dramatists, and his lyrical songs and comic poetry which captured the imagination of the people, were used in historical and social dramas and satires of the period. His songs (called Dwijendra-geeti) combined Western music styles with sophisticated lyrics in Bengali and in doing so marked a breakthrough in the Indian music tradition.

A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of the Vaisnava-Dharmasastra
Patrick Olivelle
2018, Royal 8vo, 604pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-87-7
Price: 1,895 l $89.95 l £72.95

In this frst critical edition of the legal treatise of Visnu (Visnu Smrti), Olivelle locates the text geographically in Kashmir and dates it to around the seventh century ce based, among other factors, on the iconographic description of Visnu. Te text was composed by a scholar who belonged to the Kathaka Branch of the Yajur Veda and who was also an adherent of the Vaisnava Pancaratra tradition. This is the only legal text that shows a deep influence of the bhakti tradition.

Essays on Indian History
Kesavan Veluthat
2018, Royal 8vo, 214pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-70-9
Price: 1,095 l $54.95 l £42.95

Brought together here are ten essays, characterized by their dissent to the commonly accepted notions in the field, a first requirement for the growth of knowledge. Issues such as the dialectical process in the religious history of India; the much talked about Mauryan presence in south India; the contradictions in the construction of Kaliyuga in Puranic literature; political criticism in Sanskrit kavya poetry; regional identity and its varied perceptions; evolution of landlordism; emergence of castes and the use of 'Hindu' idioms in Christian worship and propaganda form the theme of these essays.

Ramendra Nath Nandi
2018, Royal 8vo, 152pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-89-4
Price: 1,195 l $54.95 l £44.95

The text-archaeology correlation in respect of the Harappan Civilization shows that the Harappans and the people of the Rgveda were part of the same multi-ethnic, multilingual, multicultural geographical and chronological space; that a prolonged phase of geo-climatic devastations ravaging the Vedic Harappan subcontinent triggered an Ideology of nature worship in which prayers could be recited only in the Vedic dialect which, in-turn, put the Vedic-speaking community on a high moral pedestal.

Religion and Reform in South Asia
Edited by Syed Akbar Hyder and Manu Bhagavan
2018, Royal 8vo, 324pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-84-6
Price: 1,295 l $69.95 l £54.95

The essays in this volume examine 'hidden histories' related to gender, religion, and reform in modern South Asia. Dedicated to Gail Minault, a pioneering scholar of women's history, Islamic reformation, and Urdu literature, this volume raises new questions about the role of identity in politics and public life, about memory and historical archives, and about innovative approaches to envisioning egalitarianism.

Environmental History of Mid-Ganga Flood Country, 1540-1885
Vipul Singh
2018, Royal 8vo, 256pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-82-2
Price: 1,195 l $59.95 l £47.95

The question of water and human dependence on river systems has become a major public concern of the twenty-first century. Based on a long term historical study of a flood country in the mid-Ganga basin, Speaking River: Environmental History of a Mid-Ganga Flood Country, 1540-1885 looks at the changing perception of the people of the Ganga region from a useful to a problematic river.

Essays for Professor Dilbagh Singh
Edited by Suraj Bhan Bhardwaj, Rameshwar Prasad Bahuguna and Mayank Kumar
2018, Royal 8vo, 360pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-22-8
Price: 1,650 l $74.95 l £59.95

Immensely rich and diverse documentation for the region have resulted in exceptional growth in the research conducted on the history of medieval Rajasthan. This collection of essays encapsulates recent trends in exploring the history of Rajasthan envisioning medieval Rajasthan as not just the present geographical spread of the state but situating it within the larger landscape extending up to Central Asia.

Edited by Barbara Harlow and Mia Carter
2018, Royal 8vo, 828pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-57-0
Price: 1,995
For sale only in South Asia

Tracing the beginnings of the British colonial enterprise in South Asia and the Middle East, From the Company to the Canal brings together key texts from the era of the privately owned British East India Company through the crises that led to the company's takeover by the Crown in 1858. It ends with the momentous opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. This book provides a powerfully revealing documentary history of nineteenth-century British imperialism from the Indian subcontinent to the Suez Canal.

Rethinking Literature and Culture
Edited by Debashree Dattaray and Sarita Sharma
2018, Royal 8vo, 232pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-75-4
Price: 1,095 l $59.95 l £47.95

This book focuses on the interface of sustainability, ecology and the environment as reflected in literature and culture. This eclectic collection of essays examines how writers have, across the twentieth century and in the new millennium, addressed ecological crises and environmental challenges that cut across national, cultural, socio-political and linguistic borders. The book also singles out literary genres which are particularly sensitive to issues of sustainability.

Poet, Singer, Saint
(Revised and Enlarged Edition)

John Stratton Hawley
2018, Royal 8vo, 368pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-65-5
Price: 1,395 l $79.95 l £64.95

For decades Surdas has been Jack Hawley's ideal poet. But not the Surdas we all think we know — the poet of Krishna's childhood, the disciple of Vallabhacarya. Rather, Hawley focuses on a Surdas who emerges from the early manuscripts where his poems were first collected. They reveal quite another Sur: a poet of extraordinary range, a man who never abandoned his sense of personal struggle, a saint devoted to singing.

Essays in Honour of Late Professor Amalendu Guha
Edited by Sajal Nag and Ishrat Alam
2018, Royal 8vo, 564pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-73-0
Price: 1,695 l $79.95 l £64.95

Late Professor Amalendu Guha belonged to that first generation of historians in post-independent India who not just gave Indian history an identity but were also responsible for its decolonization, modernization and internationalization. When most historians were writing macro history, Professor Guha concentrated on regional history and brought into focus a region of India about which very little was then known-north-east India.

Foreword by Christopher Pinney
Edited by Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes and Marcus Banks
2018, Royal 8vo, 312pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-44-0
Price: 1,495 l $71.95 l £55

This volume is one of the first comprehensive contributions to the rapidly developing cross disciplinary scholarship that connects visual studies with South Asian historiography. The key purpose of the book is to introduce scholars and students of South Asian and Indian history to the first in-depth evaluation of visual research methods as a valid research framework for new historical studies.

'This volume provides a rich feast of materials for anyone interested in the visual cultures and history of visual representation in South Asia and is notable as well for its fascinating exploration of the intersection of Western and local photographic practices.'
— DAVID MACDOUGALL, The Australian National University

'This is a remarkable, genuinely interdisciplinary collection, and both a marvellously rich addition to the study of the life of visual images in South Asia, and a highly sophisticated contribution to debates of the interdisciplinary study of visual culture.'
— JAMES LAIDLAW, William Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology,
Head of Division, Social Anthropology.
Fellow, King's College, University of Cambridge

'This is a unique and excellent contribution to the field of South Asian visual studies, art history and cultural analysis. This text takes an interdisciplinary approach while keeping its focus on the visual, on material cultural and on art and aesthetics. It brings together empirically rich and theoretically sophisticated analysis on representations from colonial and post-colonial eras ranging from colonial era photography to 'tribal art', temple and video art. In doing so it bridges a major gap in our understanding of South Asia's modern history by using the idiom of visual culture and the politics of representation.'
— KAMRAN ASDAR ALI, Professor of Anthropology and Director,
South Asia Institute, University of Texas, Austin

'This is an outstanding contribution to a timely and relevant focus on transregional visual history and historiography of South Asia. This rescaling of what is often times an India-centric visual history is accompanied by remarkably heterogeneous approaches from across disciplines and methods, challenging notions of political, cultural, religious or ethnic reications. The book offers insights into original material and a framework of rich epistemologies, entanglements, relationalities and translations. It will encourage new generations of scholars to further push boundaries of established canons and exploring new frontiers of visual culture and history studies.'
— CHRISTIANE BROSIUS, Chair of Visual & Media Anthropology,
Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies

An Ethnographic Perspective
Sharmi Chakraborty
2018, Royal 8vo, 216pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-77-8
Price: 995 l $49.95 l £36.95

Variations in ceramics are culturally significant. These are an expression of the functions that they are meant to perform, the identity of a community and a reflection of time. It is therefore of great interest to archaeologists and anthropologists.

Hinduism, Secularism and Untouchability in Colonial Punjab (1880-1930)
Vikas Pathak
2018, Royal 8vo, 288pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-79-2
Price: 1,495 l $69.95 l £54.95

Indian nationalism has been a contested space over the last century. Claims and counter-claims have been advanced regarding its nature for long now. This book argues that there are multiple visions of Indian nationalism, each seeking hegemony over national discourse, and that divergences regarding the cultural-ideological contours of the idea of India are central to the contest over what Indian nationalism means.

Marvin Bram
2017, Crown Quarto, 544pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-63-1
Price: 1,995 l $104.95 l £79.95

This volume completes the remarkable story of the worldwide human community by including the unique insights of symbolic history alongside careful accounts of political, economic, and cultural events. While political, economic, and cultural matters give us an 'outer history', the illumination of humanity's extraordinary symbol-making activities gives us our 'inner history'.

Dalit Women's Narratives
K. Suneetha Rani
2017, Royal 8vo, 156pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-33-4
Price: 950 l $44.95 l £36.95

This book analyses Dalit women's narrati ves through an examinati on of debates around questions of identity of Dalit women. It focuses on the constructi on of self through narratives, and maps the historical developments and contexts in which Dalit women's narrati ves were recorded and analysed.

K.K. Trivedi
2017, Royal 8vo, 196pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-40-2 1
Price: 1,295 l $64.95 l £52.95

This book on the city of Agra makes a close examination of this medieval Indian urban centre that grew into a multifunctional town completely outside of the supposed agenda or impact of Turkish rule, as well as European influence. This enquiry uncovers possible deliberations in the evaluation of a settlement that was unknown in the sixteenth century, but which was to develop into an alternate prominent political centre in northern India.

Diplomacy, Ideas, and Commerce, 1518-1687
M.Z.A. Shakeb
Edited by Subah Dayal
2017, Royal 8vo, 260pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-91-8
Price: 895 l $49.95 l £40.95

This book traces the diplomatic connections and intellectual linkages of the Golkonda sultanate with Safavid Iran and Mughal Hindustan. Complementing studies of early modern empires, it examines a breadth of Persian manuscripts, epistolary correspondence, archival documents, and European travel accounts from the Deccan. It is one of the first of its kind to explore the movement of knowledge, talent, and people in the early modern world from the perspective of a non-imperial, regional polity.

Edited by Jennifer M. Bean, Anupama Kapse and Laura Horak
2017, Royal 8vo, 358pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-67-9
Price: 1,495
For sale only in South Asia

In this cross-cultural history of narrative cinema and media from the 1910s to the 1930s, leading and emergent scholars explore the transnational crossings and exchanges that occurred in early cinema between the two world wars. Drawing on film archives from around the world, this volume advances the premise that silent cinema freely crossed national borders and linguistic thresholds in ways that became far less possible after the emergence of sound.

The Prehistory of the Tarafeni Valley
Bishnupriya Basak
2017, Royal 8vo, 198pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-42-6
Price: 1,095 l $59.95 l £49.95

Although images of existing hunting-gathering populations continue to be used as analogues in drawing inferences about the past, there has been a considerable shift in the analyses of both, the archaeological record and the ethnographic data as well as more meaningful engagement with inquiries in territoriality, mobility strategies, and the use of raw materials by past hunter-gatherer societies. This volume tries to explore these questions vis-à-vis the prehistory of a small river valley in West Medinapur, West Bengal.

A Political and Cultural Study c.300 BCE to c.100 BCE
Suchandra Ghosh
2017, Royal 8vo, 196pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-46-4
Price: 1,150 l $59.95 l £49.95

This book explores the political and cultural history of the Indo-Iranian borderlands during the reign of the Bactrian and the Indo-Greek rulers known as Yavanas in the subcontinent. This was a region sans frontière and shows unrestricted exchanges between cultures. In a sweeping survey of the power politics of the region this book identifies certain salient features of the political processes in the period discussed.

A Study through Calcutta Port, 1842-1900
Sutapa Das Dhar and Chandralekha Basu Ghosh
2017, Royal 8vo, 140pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-88-8
Price: 850 l $39.95 l £32.95

This book examines the relationship between the two phases of migration during the nineteenth century that made Calcutta Port the centre of overseas emigration from specific areas of India. It also delves into the reasons that made the migrants settle near the place of embarkation at the end of the century. Starting with an analysis of the causes of large-scale emigration from parts of northern and eastern India and ending with reasons behind changes in the direction of such population movements, this volume presents a new framework for writing migration history, intermingled with industrial expansion in British India during the nineteenth century.

The Jains under the Mughals
Shalin Jain
2017, Royal 8vo, 420pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-92-5
Price: 1,095 l $64.95 l £52.95

This work traces the history of the Medieval Jain community, focusing on the engagements of the Jains with the imperial authority in the Mughal provinces of Ajmer, Awadh, Allahabad, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Lahore and Malwa. It examines the trajectories of Jain community formation under the Mughals in India by scrutinizing the everyday reproduction of a religious minority ruled by a monarchical dynasty belonging to another religious affiliation.

Untouchability and Caste in Early India
Vivekanand Jha
2017, Royal 8vo, 262pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-55-6
Price: 1,125 l $59.95 l £47.95

This volume is a collection of essays on untouchability written by Professor Jha at various points of his long and illustrious career. It dwells on the manner in which social stratification in ancient India developed to exclude castes like Candalas and Nisadas, leading to their exploitation and sub-human treatment. Candalas and Nisadas were both over time assimilated into the Brahmanical caste structure as degraded shudras, and ultimately relegated to being untouchables. The book also examines the Bhagavadgita and Asoka's Dhamma from the perspective of caste and untouchability.

Devotion and Female Priesthood in Bengal
Marine Carrin
2017, Royal 8vo, 300pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-53-2
Price: 1,195 l $64.95 l £52.95

The women featured in this book live on the frontier between the tribal and the low-caste society in Bengal, and turn to religion in order to forge a new identity. Often rejected by their own community, and having lived through long and difficult personal crises some of them turn to religion to accultured identity. Some may succeed in becoming female priests, presiding over a Goddess shrine, having given up their femininity by ceasing to menstruate.

Contributions of Ethnic Groups and Communities
Edited by Anila Verghese, Swarupa Kamat and Rashna Poncha
2017, Royal 8vo, 260pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-60-0
Price: 995 l $49.95 l £36.95
Pb ISBN: 978-93-86522-61-7
Pb Price: 345 l $26.95 l £19.95

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is popularly known for its cosmopolitan culture and its financial clout. This book, however, focuses on the history of the many communities that contributed to its wealth, both culturally and financially. While the Kolis, the Pathare Prabhus, and the East Indian Christians are regarded as its early inhabitants, others like the Parsis, Marwaris, Bhatias, Bohras, Khojas, Konkani Muslims, and the Jewish communities arrived later and created a space for themselves.

Edited by Dev Nath Pathak
2017, Royal 8vo, 338pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-58-7
Price: 1,395 l $69.95 l £57.95

What does the idea/concept of South Asia mean in a time when borders have become absolute, predetermining our sense of self, culture, and politics? In a critical and creative engagement with this question, this book attempts to explore novel possibilities beyond the stratagem of nation states. Amidst the shrinking utopias in the various disciplinary discourses due to the predominance of cartographic reason, the essays in this book propose a new lease to the utopian imagination of the region.

Reconstructing Gendered identities in India
Edited by Kumkum Roy
2017, Royal 8vo, 184pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-77-1
Price: 895 l $44.95 l £36.95

This book both revisits and interrogates some of the central tenets of the 'woman question' as it emerged in colonial India and shaped (and continues to shape) subsequent historiography. These include issues of women's access to resources, ritual 'rights', and locations within the family, primarily relating to an unmarked category of upper-caste/class women.

Women in Dance
Edited by Urmimala Sarkar Munsi and Aishika Chakraborty
2017, Royal 8vo, 288pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-50-1
Price: 1,395 l $64.95 l £52.95

Aimed at addressing the lacunae in academic publications on women dancers in India, this book highlights the idea of the ‘space’ created, occupied and negotiated by women in Indian dance. It initiates a conversation between dance scholarship and women’s studies, and brings together scholars from a multidisciplinary background, emphasizing that research and practice have roots in both these specific areas.

Time-space, Disciplines, Margins
Saurabh Dube
2017, Royal 8vo, 244pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-52-5
Price: 1,595

In this book, Saurabh Dube thinks through modernity and its representations by exploring critical considerations of time and space. Drawing on anthropology, history and social theory, he investigates the oppositions and enchantments, the contradictions and contentions, and the identities and ambivalences spawned under modernity. Crucially, Dube understands the antinomies of modernity not as analytical errors, but as constitutive elements of modern worlds.

A Study through Calcutta Port, 1842-1900
Sutapa Das Dhar and Chandralekha Basu Ghosh
2017, Royal 8vo, 140pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-88-8
Price: 850 l $39.95 l £32.95

Indian Emigrants to Sugar Colonies examines the relationship between the two phases of migration during the nineteenth century that made Calcutta Port the centre of overseas emigration from specific areas of India. It also delves into the reasons that made the migrants settle near the place of embarkation at the end of the century.

New Aspects of Comparative Literature
Edited by Dorothy M. Figueira and Chandra Mohan
2017, Royal 8vo, 337pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-51-2
Price: 950 l $54.95 l £44.95

This volume makes significant and fresh contributions to fields of comparative literature and translation which are assuming increasing importance and relevance in the realm of literary and cultural studies. Divided into four interrelated parts, Literary Culture and Translation presents twenty-one seminal essays—written by distinguished scholars—with new aspects on comparative literature.

Life and Society Beyond the Coastal World
Edited by Uwe Skoda and Biswamoy Pati
2017, Royal 8vo, 280pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-97-0
Price: 850 l $49.95 l £40.95

Studies of Odisha have often been simplistic and condensed to notions of a relatively prosperous, urbanized centre in the plain along the sea vis-à-vis a backward 'hinterland'. Due to such notions of othering, Odisha beyond the coastal world-the largely Adivasi—populated highlands and ostensible backyard areas in coastal perspectives—has often been relegated to the background of both scholarly and popular imagination. Highland Odisha inverts such othering to draw attention to the highlands of Odisha in the west and south.

Edited by Himanshu Roy, M.P. Singh and A.P.S. Chouhan
2017, Royal 8vo, 932pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-99-3
Price: 2,095 l $114.95 l £94.95

The last decade of the nineteenth century witnessed, for the first time, the demand for a federal polity premised on the principle of linguistic provinces. The regional Chambers of Commerce in the Telugu, Bengal and Tamil linguistic regions were the first to put forth such a demand before the Congress and the colonial state. The Indian National Congress agreed to it in 1920 and reorganized provincial Congress organizations, which had been earlier based on politico-administrative boundaries of the British Indian provinces on linguistic lines under a new party constitution under Gandhi's influence.

A Reappraisal and New Directions
Edited by K. Paddayya and Bishnupriya Basak
2017, Royal 8vo, 366pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-95-6
Price: 1,195 l $64.95 l £52.95

This book is, on the one hand, a commemoration of the 150 years of the study of Indian prehistory, whose beginnings stretch back to Robert Bruce Foote's discovery of the famous sites of Pallavaram and Attirampakkam in 1863, and, on the other a timely study of recent researches in the prehistory of the subcontinent, highlighting regional and sub-regional variations.

Alternative Mechanism to Lineage Perpetuation in Early India
A Socio-Historical Enquiry

Smita Sahgal
2017, Royal 8vo, 260pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-85-7
Price: 995 l $39.95 l £32.95

This book attempts to explore the institution of niyoga in early India, examining its genesis and trajectory through the temporal and spatial canvas, for though the focus remains on the early period, the fluctuations are best studied over a larger span of time. The early texts refer to niyoga as apaddharma, a practice to be resorted to only in times of exigency. Niyoga allowed a married woman to cohabit with a designated male if her husband was infertile or had died without leaving an heir.

Sanskrit Sources and the Muslims, Eighth to Fourteenth Centuries
Brajadulal Chattopadhyay
2017, Royal 8vo, 332pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-08-2
Price: 250 l $19.95 l £16.95

This book, originally published almost two decades ago, makes an attempt to construct perceptions of new ethnic groups in India in an important phase of its history, from the eighth to the fourteenth century. The evidence though insufficient, reveals not homogenous religious communities, but ethnic groups of diverse origins, located in different socio-political contexts as traders, raiders and plunderers, as well as rulers and administrators.

Brajadulal Chattopadhyay
2017, Royal 8vo, 332pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-05-1
Price: 280 l $24.95 l £20.95

Aspects of Rural Settlements and Rural Society in Early Medieval India seeks to undertake two kinds of explorations, one methodological and the other thematic. Methodologically, it examines texts of inscriptions-historians' main source for references to ancient villages—from diverse angles to try and understand the morphologies of villages in relation to different terrains across the country.

Reciprocity and Patronage in Buddhism
Anand Singh
2017, Royal 8vo, 258pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-32-0
Price: 1,095 l $59.95 l £49.95

This book explores the concept of dana in Buddhism as a primarily rational and ethical phenomenon and examines its superimposing, mythic, and cultic dimensions. Scholars who have contributed to this volume have attempted to place dana in the context of contemporary religious traditions in relation to various sects and traditions of Buddhism, re-examining established hypotheses and challenging extreme opinions that are prone to exaggeration.

Courts, Castes and Courtesans in the Kathasaritsagara
Tara Sheemar Malhan
2017, Royal 8vo, 332pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-86-4
Price: 995 l $59.95 l £49.95

The voluminous content of the Kathasaritsagara, a text meant for courtly entertainment, locating the various points of its retelling and recognizing the timelessness of the tales themselves. The volume weaves gender as the discursive mesh interweaving various themes such as caste, class, occupations, control and flow of resources or wealth, religious practices, sexuality and power structures to highlight the discourse of the text itself.

Historical Experiments on Sepulchral Hill (Revised Edition)
S. Settar
2016, Royal 8vo, 298pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-42-9
Price: 1,395 l $84.95 l £56.95

One of the foremost communities to have paid serious attention to death are the Jainas of India. Indeed, their preoccupation with it has been so intense that without understanding their philosophy of death, it is almost impossible to make out their notion of life. While commending death, however, they caution against throwing away life in a cavalier manner. They emphatically oppose suicide-a death-recourse prompted by emotion (raga) and violence (himsa)-and condemn it as a spiritual crime, a cowardly act resorted to by the immature and the ignorant.

Philosophy and Practice of Voluntary Termination of Life (Revised Edition)
S. Settar
2017, Royal 8vo, 326pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-43-6
Price: 1,395 l $84.95 l £56.95

Pursuing Death widens the canvas of enquiry on the Jaina practices of voluntary termination of life, identified with terms such as Santara, Sallekhana, Samadhi, Sanyasana, Aradhana, Bhaktapratyakhyana, Panchapada, Prayopagamana, Ingini, etc. This volume undertakes an in-depth study of both the philosophy and the practice of death, as revealed in a wide variety of texts written in Prakrit, Sanskrit, Kannada as well as a vast body of historical records, dated between the third century BCE and nineteenth century CE.

Current Debates and Emerging Challenges
Edited by Lancy Lobo and Jayesh Shah
2017, Royal 8vo, 220pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-94-9
Price: 795 l $44.95 l £36.95

This book deliberates on the various challenges confronting parliamentary democracy in India as well as provides new critiques of the manner in which democracy has functioned besides focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of Indian democracy. The volume contains essays on the theory and practice of democratic governance; the role of the judiciary in strengthening the legislative and executive functions of the state; the role of the media as the fourth estate; the rise of social movements and civil society; the critical role of economic development in sustaining democracy; and the role of democracy in containing ethnic conflicts.

Studies in Late Colonial and Post Colonial Controversies
Sumanyu Satpathy
2017, Royal 8vo, 232pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-28-0
Price: 850 l $49.95 l £40.95

This book We live in a world of controversies, and often wonder what controversies do to a culture. Do they interpret it? Can one conceive of them as a genre? Can they offer serious diagnostic tools to the social scientist or the cultural historian? In this pioneering study, the author addresses these and similar questions, and examines if and how controversies help us understand the ways in which forms of nationalism and identity formation imagine, shape, and construct themselves.

Beyond His Language
Edited by Imre Bangha
2017, Royal 8vo, 244pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-78-9
Price: 995 l $54.95 l £44.95

As a global figure, Tagore transcends the boundaries of language and reaches out to people distant both in time and space. His art took inspiration from contemporary Western trends and became a powerful means to connect with people beyond Bengal. Word, image, song, and text were his tools of communication, as also his extraordinary presence in a sartorial garb of his own design.

A Mind Staring into Infinity
Edited by Chhanda Chatterjee
2016, viii + 158pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-82-6
Price: 1,350

This volume explores the multifaceted genius of Rabindranath Tagore in rescuing the stagnant cultural life of Bengal from its many inhibitions. It explores the works and legacy of a man much ahead of his time.

Culture, Connectivity and Bridge Making
Edited by Lipi Ghosh
2016, Royal 8vo, 148pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-80-2
Price: 1,295 l $59.95 l £39.95

Rabindranath Tagore in South-East Asia: Culture, Connectivity and Bridge Making focuses on Rabindranath Tagore's relations with the many mainland and maritime countries of South-East Asia he visited in the early twentieth century. This collection of essays probes the intellectual bases of Tagore's theory of civilization, his ideas of East and West, his theory of cultural encounter in the context of South-East Asia, and also provides an in-depth analysis of his philosophy, i.e. his concepts of nationalism, internationalism and universalism.

A Critical Companion
Edited by Nandini Bhattacharya
2015, 244pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-42-0
Price: 1,195

This volume situates Rabindranath Tagore's iconic Gora in his times and ours, examining contexts that produced it and reasons that make it acutely relevant today. It revisits this foundational text from perspectives as varied and interdisciplinary as textual and genre studies; translation and reception studies; narratology, gender, race and caste studies.

Mutiny, Rebellion and Death in India, 1946
Anirudh Deshpande
2016, Royal 8vo, 144pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-87-1
Price: 950 l $32.95 l £49.95

This book recounts the story of the thousands of Indians-sailors and working class individuals-who braved British bullets and bayonets on the streets of Bombay and Karachi during the Royal Indian Navy (RIN) Mutiny and the attendant civil rebellions of 1946. The Indian subcontinent had witnessed inflation, food shortages, a crippling famine in Bengal, and a surge of nationalist sentiment during the course of the Second World War.

Railway Strike and the Rank and File
Ranabir Samaddar
2017, Royal 8vo, 198pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-96-3
Price: 850 l $49.95 l £39.95

This book on the Indian Railway Strike of 1974 looks at the history, the role of the rank and file in the strike, and the fate of the strike itself. Even as one of the most distinctive aspects of the strike was the autonomy of the rank and file, the significance of the struggle had much to do with the nature of the time. The country was in the midst of a general political crisis, sections of the peasantry were in revolt, and there were expressions of solidarity from the industrial working class.

Science, Spirituality and Harmony
Edited by Ananta Kumar Giri
2017, Royal 8vo, 370pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-15-0
Price: 1,195 l $64.95 l £52.95

Can research contribute to the realization of reality as well as its potential? Can science and spirituality dance together to reveal the hidden and awaiting harmony in life, and manifest it in self, culture, society and the world? This book explores these neglected and repressed questions of modernity and presents trans-modern possibilities and neo-human futures based upon multiple traditions of humanity—European, Indian, Latin American, Islamic, and others.

New Horizons of Tranformative Practice and Collaborative Imagination
Edited by Ananta Kumar Giri
2017, Royal 8vo, 544pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-86552-19-8
Price: 1,495 l $69.95 l £56.95

This book strives to cultivate new pathways of research and engagement in social sciences and humanities where cultivation is linked to cross-fertilization of creative theorizing and transformative practice, appropriate self-formation and collaborative imagination, experimental creativity and world transformation. With a foreword and an afterword, the book brings together thirty creative thinkers of our world from diverse backgrounds who share with us their vision and practice of cultivating pathways of creative research.

Towards a Festival of Dialogues
Edited by Ananta Kumar Giri
Foreword by James L. Peacock
2017, Royal 8vo, 504pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-05-5
Price: 1,395 l $64.95 l £52.95

This volume offers alternative pathways of creative research that strive to undertand the work of the non-dual in self, culture, society and the world. The essays herein are drawn from sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literature, development studies, cultural studies and religious studies. They reflect on our field of thinking, practice and collaborative imagination, raising vital and deep questions about theory and practice and exploring an ontological epistemology of participation as a new pathway of research.

Parimal Ghosh
2016, Royal 8vo, 212pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-99-4
Price: 1,195 l $59.95 l £39.95

This book examines changes in several cultural markers of the Bengali bhadralok in the post-independence period and seeks to understand what they convey about present-day Bengali society. It argues that the bhadralok of the 1950s and 1960s had inherited a left-liberal view of politics and culture, the fruition of which was the leftist upsurge in West Bengal towards the closure of the 1960s. The decisive defeat of the left in recent years appears to have turned the bhadralok inward and made them more pragmatic.

Everyday Realities of Disabled Women
Nandini Ghosh
2016, Royal 8vo, 172pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-50-5
Price: 1,350 l $59.95 l £39.95

Impaired Bodies, Gendered Lives: Everyday Realities of Disabled Women explores the intersections of gender and disability. Situating disabled women in their local contexts and using an ethnographic approach, this book also provides a review of empirical literature on disabled women, both globally and in India. It seeks, hence, to illustrate how global gendered structures influence practices of gender and ability in specific communities.

Hospitals of Calcutta c.1757-1860
Srilata Chatterjee
2017, Royal 8vo, 332pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-98-6
Price: 1,195 l $59.95 l £49.95

This book studies the social and political environment that spurred the development of hospitals and asylums in Calcutta under the East India Company's rule from c.1757 to 1860. It traces the trajectories of hospital formation for the indigenous population, beginning with the early military and European hospitals. It also focuses on the growth of dispensaries in the suburbs of Calcutta, as well as speciality hospitals in the city.

Edited by Ranjit Roy Chaudhury and Kapila Vatsyayan
2017, Royal 8vo, 174pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-02-3
Price: 995 l $44.95 l £32.95

This volume studies the relationships between ancient systems of Asian philosophy and medicine. It explores the mutually dependent relation between the mind and the body, and argues that Asian and Hippocratic medical systems as well as the body and consciousness should not be studied in isolation.

Sailendra Nath Sen
2017, Royal 8vo, 664pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-55-0
Price: 540 l $37.95 l £30.95

This book has been designed for undergraduate students as well as those preparing for the Civil Services Examinations at both the central and state levels. It attempts to weave known facts of history with the unknown, and apart from political history places due emphasis on the socio-economic changes, administrative innovations, cultural ferments, and the trials and tribulations of nationalist movements.

Edited by Shivani Jha
2017, Royal 8vo, 112pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-23-8
Price: 795 l $39.95 l £32.95

The anthropogenic impact on the environment has led to devastating consequences and irreversible damage to both humans and nonhumans. Environmentalists warn that the damage incurred so far threatens to intensify further due to the lack of adequate corrective measures. The Humanities cannot remain unresponsive towards this deterioration. The effort is directed towards erasing the binary opposition between Nature and Culture in favour of a more holistic and anti-schismatic existence.

Essays for Rattan Lal Hangloo
Edited by Salma Ahmed Farooqui
2017, Royal 8vo, 346pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-83-2
Price: 1,195 l $64.95 l £49.95

The volume Histories, Regions, Nodes is a collection of eighteen essays that brings together assorted opinions and issues raised by scholars on themes related to trade and urbanization, art, architecture and popular culture, religion and ideology, historiography, nature of state, status of women, diplomacy and ethnic conflict in remote parts of India.

Bikash Nath
2016, Royal 8vo, 380pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-62-8
Price: 1,950 l $84.95 l £56.95

This book studies various phases of workers' politics in the tea plantations of Assam and deliberates upon the role of nationalist leaders in moulding the fate of these workers. The struggles of tea plantation workers were a manifestation of the strength of their protests against varied forms of exploitations of the tea planters.

Reconstructing the Paradigm of Socialization
Edited by Marine Carrin, Harald Tambs-Lyche and Dominique Blanc
2016, Royal 8vo, 172pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-50-5
Price: 1,350 l $59.95 l £39.95

As knowledge is transmitted to new generations it changes constantly, being reinterpreted and reinvented by children and youth. It can be studied only through its circulation and deployment, not as an object in itself. The need to know is universal, but knowledge is always framed by tenets particular to each culture, and it must be studied transculturally.

European and Tamil Encounters in Modern Sciences, 1507-1857
S. Jeyaseela Stephen
2016, Royal 8vo, 1134pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-79-6
Price: 3,995 l $189.95 l £125.95

This book uncovers new aspects of the contributions of the Portuguese, Dutch, Dane, English and French East India Company officials and European missionaries to intellectual history in the fields of botany, chemistry, medicine, earth and space science within the specific geographical-historical locality of the Tamil coast in the early Modern Age.

Selected Writings and Speeches of Sister Nivedita
Amiya P. Sen
2016, Royal 8vo, 238pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-93-2
Price: 1,450 l $64.95 l £42.95

This book puts together representative writings and speeches of Margaret Elizabeth Noble (1867-1911), better known as Sister Nivedita. Posterity has often judged Sister Nivedita and her guru, Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), in widely different ways. Opinion remains divided over whether or not the Swami was more a patriot than prophet, and Nivedita's biographers have read her life and work variously, aided perhaps by the fact that she remained deeply committed to the memory of her Master and his ideas even as she was increasingly drawn to a life of active politics, which, paradoxically, had been forbidden by none other than the Master himself.

Issues of Culture, Power and Knowledge
Edited by Pius Malekandathil, Joy L.K. Pachuau and Tanika Sarkar
2016, Royal 8vo, 300pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-66-6
Price: 1,750 l $74.95 l £49.95

This volume is a collection of wide ranging essays on Indian Christianity and Christian missionaries in India. It attempts to identify and reflect upon Christianity's regional and temporal variations from early modern times, its links with global Christian institutions and movements, its diverse cultural practices, and its relationship with caste and class.

Geopolitics, Economy and Culture
Edited by Nasir Raza Khan
2016, Royal 8vo, 206pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-70-3
Price: 1,495 l $64.95 l £42.95

India and Central Asia: Geopolitics, Economy and Culture is a collection of essays on India's relations with the Central Asian states-Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan-from various perspectives. Trade and cultural relations have flourished between the people of India and Central Asia, particularly along the Silk Route, since ancient times.

Gender Relations in Colonial North India
Jyoti Atwal
2016, Royal 8vo, 294pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-98-7
Price: 1,495 l $69.95 l £46.95

Real and Imagined Widows: Gender Relations in Colonial North India explores the politico-cultural imagination that formed the subtext of the reformist, nationalist and women's discourses on widowhood from the colonial period to the 1950s. The reformist voice and action on widowhood remained loosely defined so that the 1933 Bill in favour of giving property 'rights' to widows continued to be rejected by conservative Hindus in the United Provinces until 1937, when the debate led by Harbilas Sharda acquired a national status.

Translated by Nandini Bhattacharya
2016, Royal 8vo, 224pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-03-0
Price: 1,495 l $64.95 l £42.95

This volume is the latest English language translation of Trailokyanath Mukhopadhay's story about Kankabati, a little girl in nineteenth century Bengal's Kusumghati. It is textured with annotations, and with graphics that accompanied the original edition. Publicized originally as a modern fairy tale, this story tells of Kankabati's dreams of a series of adventures in bizarre places and situations.

Theory and Practice
Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
2016, Royal 8vo, 238pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-01-6
Price: 1,495 l $86.95 l £60.95

The colonial state as a subject of study has stayed in the margins of scholarly attention. In the rather sparse literature on the subject, one may see two tendencies. On the one hand, those specializing in political theory tend to think that historians merely narrate what happened. On the other hand, historians are prone to dismiss 'mere' theory. Hence the paradox that although historical writings on modern India recognize that the state was one of the chief instruments for the creation of colonialism, the theory of the colonial state has received very little attention.

Time, Space, and Community in the Andaman Islands
Edited by Frank Heidemann and Philipp Zehmisch
2016, Royal 8vo, 198pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84092-04-7
Price: 1,295 l $59.95 l £39.95

This book highlights the significant, yet underestimated, place of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in socio-cultural and historical studies of the Indian Ocean region. British penal colonialism, Japanese occupation during the Second World War as well as the post-Independence migration of Partition refugees, repatriates and migrants from all over South Asia left a deep imprint on local society. These features render the islands an ideal sociological showcase for the study of historical manifestations.

Revised and Enlarged Edition
Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui
2016, Royal 8vo, 216pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-17-8
Price: 995 l $59.95 l £39.95

This work explores the cultural orientation of the sultanate of Delhi, a subject on which little work has been done so far. The architects of the sultanate introduced a new system of governance with novel social and cultural institutions, and Persian as an official language. These were significant moves as they served as catalysts for social change. Alongside, the emergence of new urban centres as well as setting up of colonies of foreign immigrants from lands of more advanced culture in the old towns led to the transfiguration of culture in the sultanate.

Sujit Kumar Chattopadhyay
2016, xiv + 258pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-15-4
Price: 1,495

This book examines the connections and interrelationships at play between gender inequality, popular culture and resistance on the basis of case studies conducted in the district of Bankura, an area well known for its tradition and variety of popular culture.

(Third Edition)
Ranabir Chakravarti
2016, xxiv + 492pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-67-3
Price: 320

This book presents an overview of the protracted past of the subcontinent from the earliest times to c. AD 1300. It traces the principal features in political, socio-economic and cultural history (including religious life and art activities) of the subcontinent by accommodating salient researches in early Indian history.

Edited by Suchorita Chattopadhyay and Debashree Dattaray
2016, 202pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-71-0
Price: 1,495

The essays in this volume explore the manner in which contemporary indigenous and diasporic writers negotiate the ethical, political and personal affiliations of their identities and subjectivities.

Edited by Marie-Françoise Boussac, Jean-François Salles, Jean-Baptiste Yon
2015, xii + 560pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-07-9
Price: 2,195

This volume looks at the multisided role that 'ports' played in the exchange and transfer of knowledge between the 'Indian Ocean' and Mediterranean societies.

Operation and Performance
Devajit Mahanta
2015, xviii + 158pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-81-9
Price: 1,295

This book provides a detailed analysis of commodity derivatives which were traditionally developed for risk management purposes and are now growing in popularity as an investment tool.

Medicine and Indigenous Responses in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century India
Edited by Poonam Bala
2015, xviii + 158pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-75-8
Price: 1,695

This volume explores the interplay of conformity and defiance amongst the plural medical tradition in colonial India and highlights various indigenous interpretations and mechanisms through which Indian medicine was re-visited against the cultural background of established medical traditions.

Sebastian Joseph
2015, xx + 188pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-65-9
Price: 1,395

This book examines the workings of the forest tramway constructed in Cochin through dense tropical forests in the beginning of the twentieth century to transport massive amounts of extracted teak to the nearest ports and railway lines; the enormous financial burden this brought on the state and how that was mitigated through further exploitation of forest resources whilst limiting access of the local population to the forests.

Critical Engagements with Sheldon Pollock
Edited by Yigal Bronner, Whitney Cox and Lawrence McCrea
2015, xx + 424pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-69-7
Price: 1,750
For sale only in South Asia

This volume charts the contours of a reimagined and revitalized field of Indology in light of the ground-breaking research of Sheldon Pollock. It presents an overview of Pollock's contributions to South Asian scholarship over the past three decades, and offers a set of critiques of key elements of his theories.

Cult, Icon and Goddesses
Anamika Roy
2015, xxv + 356pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-12-3
Price: 1,395

Sixty-Four Yoginis: Cult, Icons and Goddesses deciphers the complex forms of the Yoginis by engaging with the subject historically, aesthetically, theologically and anthropologically; identifies the Yoginis of the temple, of the Puranas, of the tantric texts, of folklore and finally of the Yogini Kaula; and examines the different layers of the complex phenomena based on rigorous fieldwork in the hitherto untraversed terrains where the Yoginis have their abode.

The Little Kingdom in South Asia (Second Edition)
Edited by Margret Frenz and Georg Berkemer
2015, xii + 312pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-37-6
Price: 1,295
For sale only in South Asia

Sharing Sovereignty focuses on little kingdoms, a concept developed by anthropologists and historians to characterize a specific type of local rulership in South Asia.

Two Oral Narratives from the Countryside of Maharashtra
Edited by Anne Feldhaus, with Ramdas Atkar and Rajaram Jagade
2015, xvi + 632pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-68-0
Price: 2,395
For sale only in South Asia

This volume presents translations of two lively and well-crafted examples of the ovi, a genre typical of the oral literature of the Dhangars.

Everyday Lifeworlds Dilemmas, Contestations and Negotiations
Prasanta Ray and Nandini Ghosh
2015, viii + 334pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-40-6
Price: 1,650

Through a wide range of analytical modes, like narrative analysis, deconstructions of autobiographies, novels and children's stories, use of index numbers, ethnography, and interpretation of myths, Pratyaha explores a variety of everyday intimacies and estrangements in different institutional settings in the everyday lifeworlds.

Ramkrishna Maiti
2015, xiv + 236pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-77-2
Price: 850

Modern Approaches to Fluvial Geomorphology provides all the technical aspects of fluvial processes and landforms as a process-response system.

Ramkrishna Maiti
2015, xiv + 236pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-47-5
Price: 1,695

Modern Approaches to Fluvial Geomorphology provides all the technical aspects of fluvial processes and landforms as a process-response system.

Early State Perspectives
Shereen Ratnagar
2015, x + 350pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-60-4
Price: 2,195

This book approaches the archaeology of the Harappan culture of Pakistan and India from the view point of the early state. It also teases out information on the mobilization of labour, the organization of production, the direction of overseas trade by a newly formed elite, and the management of scarce water resources by the rulers.

Historical Consciousness in the Deccan, Sixth Century CE-Twelfth Century CE
Aruna Pariti
2015, xiii + 352pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-47-3
Price: 1,395

Genealogy, Time and Identity provides, for the first time, a detailed analysis of the prasasti and donative parts of the inscriptional records of different Chalukyan families that ruled the Deccan between 600 and 1200 CE.

Archaeology of a Settlement in the Lower Ganga Plains, c.600-1800 CE
Sheena Panja, Arun K. Nag, Sunando Bandopadhyay
2015, xvi+ 292pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-59-8
Price: 1,900

This book seeks to understand archaeological sites and their relationship with a dynamic alluvial environment in north Bengal, India, between c.600-1800 CE with a special focus on the excavations at the site of Balupur.

Archives in India Historical Reprints
A.C. Newcombe
2015, xii + 418pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-80607-70-2
Price: 1,595


Archives in India Historical Reprints
Fourteen Thousand Miles A-Wheel among the Temples and People of the Indian Plain
William Hunter Workman and Fanny Bullock Workman
2015, xxiv + 380pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-80607-69-6
Price: 1,395


Edited by Patrick Olivelle
2015, xxiv + 448pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-64-2
Price: 1,995

This Dictionary contains technical terms used in Sanskrit texts of ancient and medieval India dealing with law and statecraft within Dharmasastra and Arthasastra. As editors, we have attempted to make the Dictionary as comprehensive as possible, even though, given the vast extent of the literature, this is an ideal to which we can only aspire. We have, however, gathered terms used in all the most significant texts of the two traditions.

Sir Syed's Aligarh Institute Gazette, 1866-97
Asghar Abbas
2015, xii + 200pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-29-1
Price: 995

This book is based on a critical study of The Aligarh Institute Gazette covering the period 1866-97, a phase when India was slowly transiting to the modern age, with the spread of new political, social, educational and religious ideas. Numerous social movements too, were gathering steam during this period to reform the Indian society.

Durga Pujas of Contemporary Kolkata
Tapati Guha-Thakurta
2015, xiv + 390pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-46-8
Price: 5,500

Tapati Guha-Thakurta explores the changing face of Durga Puja, an event which has become Kolkata's largest and most spectacular on the public art calendar. Every year, brand new categories of art and artist interweave with new exhibition spaces in the city. In the Name of the Goddess not only contextualizes the art of the festival, but also questions the rightful position of this art within the vibrant religious event.

The Making of Indo Islamic World - Volume III
Indo-Islamic Society, 14th-15th Centuries

André Wink
2015, xii + 282pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-49-9
Price: 1,350
For sale only in South Asia

This third volume of André Wink's acclaimed and pioneering Al-Hind: The Making of the Indo-Islamic World takes the reader from the late Mongol invasions to the end of the medieval period and the beginnings of early modern times in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century.

An English Translation
Translated by Ishtiaq Ahmed Zilli
2015, xiv + 394pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-10-9
Price: 1,595

Tarikh-i Firoz Shahi is the finest specimen of Indo-Persian historiography produced during the Sultanate period in India. Written by Zia ud Din Barani during the reign of Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq, it was completed in 1357 CE and was dedicated to the reigning monarch. Primarily a history of the sultans of Delhi.

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach
Edited by Syed Ejaz Hussain and Mohit Saha
2015, 356pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-62-7
Price: 1,395

India's Indigenous Medical Systems: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach brings together in one volume, essays by historians, botanists and physicians of indigenous as well as Western medicine to show how Indian medicine evolved, constantly adapting itself to the challenges posed by Western medical science.

The Integration of Alvar Bhakti in Srivaisnavism
Bharati Jagannathan
2015, xviii + 344pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-13-0
Price: 1,395

Approaching the Divine: The Integration of Alvar Bhakti in Srivaisnavism is situated in the context of the ongoing scholarly debate regarding the historical evolution of Tamil Srivaisnavism. This study spans the period from the second half of the first millennium, i.e. the bhakti period to the period of consolidation of the scriptural and sectarian tradition in the first half of the second millennium.

Susanta Kumar Bag
2015, xiv + 192pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-25-3
Price: 995

Colonial State, Agrarian Transition and Popular Protest in Orissa: 1921-1947 attempts to understand the agrarian socioeconomic transition that took place during colonial rule, in the provinces and the princely states of Orissa. Here the peasantry, both tribal and non-tribal, actively participated in anti-imperialist mass movements for independence. Established in 1803, colonial rule shaped the base for mass movement to flourish in later periods.

Socio-Economic Perspectives
Edited by Mahalaya Chatterjee and Anis Mukhopadhyay
2015, xii + 414pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-39-0
Price: 1,595

Urban Development in Howrah: Socio-Economic Perspectives is the first comprehensive effort to understand and analyse the various aspects of the urban development of the district and the city as well as its economy, transport, environment and its future prospects. This volume will be of immense value to the policymakers, researchers and students working on urban issues and area studies.

A Theoretical Overview
Albeena Shakil
2015, xii + 264pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-09-3
Price: 1,195

Understanding the Novel: A Theoretical Overview reiterates that the novel remains a relevant and pertinent concept and that any reckoning with the form has to integrally involve its character as a flexible and incorporative genre.This book revisits and collates theoretical debates over the generic fundamentals of the novel-the rise of the novel, its changing relation to realism, its ups and downs within the literary canon, its constant rejuvenation as a 'novel' or new form and successive pronouncements of it's 'death', as well as the broad contours of generic incorporations in the course of its development.

The Poetics and Politics of Women's Writing in India
2015, x + 224pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-44-4
Price: 1,050

Gender, Space and Creative Imagination is about contemporary women's writing in India and its experiential, ideological and representational topography. It offers a nuanced critique of the gender-space dialectics that underlines and often engages the attention of women writers in this country.

Sepoy Rebellions in the Nineteenth Century
Sabyasachi Dasgupta
2015, x + 144pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-06-2
Price: 795

In Defence of Honour and Justice focuses on the 'sepoy' rebellions of the nineteenth century as an entry point into the wider dynamics of the pre-1857 colonial armies. Delving beyond the usual binaries of discipline and indiscipline, the book seeks to explore the broader issues these mutinies raise about the colonial armies, the prevalence of certain notions of honour and justice among the 'sepoys', contrasting conceptions of discipline, structures of deference, and the construction of colonial stereotypes and their influence on policy decisions.

Anuradha Roy
2015, x + 416pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-88-7
Price: 1,595

Cultural Communism is a painstaking and pioneering attempt to write the history of an important chapter in Bengal's cultural history, which has hitherto been sought to be mythified rather than properly documented and analysed.

Gandhi, Nehru and Iqbal
Javed Majeed
2015, viii + 328pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-23-9
Price: 1,350

Bringing together life-writing, travel-writing and postcolonial studies, this book argues that concepts of travel were crucial to the way Gandhi, Nehru and Iqbal articulated selfhood in their life-writing. It shows how their 'travelling autobiographies' differed from earlier traditions of nineteenth-century Indian and colonial travel writing.

Sarvani Gooptu
2015, xxviii + 160pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-21-5
Price: 895

The Actress in the Public Theatres of Calcutta tells the story of this bold new generation of women who, for the first time in the history of Bengali theatre, performed in the public theatres of Calcutta. It traces the journey of these women who not only dared to be a part of the Calcutta-based theatre groups but also put their life and soul into this magical world.

Sumbul Halim Khan
2015, viii + 120pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-30-7
Price: 750

The karkhanas of Jaipur, though primarily concerned with the production of goods for the royal household and the army, were also an inextricable part of the larger Mughal economy. With specialized skills in bookbinding, cartography, textile designing, gem encrustation, even manufacture and decoration of canons, the products they manufactured were not merely utilitarian items but also exquisite masterpieces of art and craft and many of them today adorn museums and art galleries in India and abroad.

Rethinking Inpurity and Power
Priyadarshini Vijaisri
2015, xviii + 286pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-22-2
Price: 1,195

Dangerous Marginality focuses on villages festivals invoking the Matangi, an outcaste clan goddess in Andhra Pradesh. It explores the ambiguous category of outcaste priest and priestess whose intriguing presence appears in fleeting images in colonial archives and missological accounts. These striking personae challenge the assumptions predominant in the discourses of caste.

Edited by Yogesh Sharma and Pius Malekandathil
2015, xx + 818pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-99-3
Price: 2,195

Cities in Medieval India focuses on the significance of urbanization in medieval India, by highlighting aspects of the rural-urban continuum and divide, power assertion, spatialization, social segmentation, labour process, as well as aspects of culture and human activity. By relating urbanization to issues such as economic transformation, commercial dynamism, agricultural production, ecology and environment, and the exercise of power and authority.

Edited by Rizwanur Rahman and Syed Akhtar Husain
2015, viii + 140pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-00-0
Price: 795

Essays on The Arabian Nights or The One Thousand and One Nights revisits this classic text in translations as well as reassesses its impact on world literature. Scholars from India and abroad have discussed the Tamil, Russian, Sanskrit, Urdu, Japanese, Malayalam, English, Turkish and Malaysian versions of these stories which have enchanted generations of storytellers and listeners.

Discovery of a Seventeenth Century Scroll
Muhammad Suleman Siddiqi
2014, xxxii + 294pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-52-8
Price: 1,195

The Junaydi Sufis of the Deccan, based on two rare scrolls discovered in the Deccan, recasts the history of Sufism in north India in general and in the Deccan in particular. It records the presence and active involvement of the Junaydi Sufis in the establishment of the second capital at Daulatabad by Mohammad bin Tughluq during the Sultanate period (1206-1526) and the Deccan during the Bahmani period (1347-1538), contrary to established assumptions that it was the Chishtis alone who spread Sufism in this region.

'This volume provides a meticulously edited and translated cache of Persian documents, opening a window onto a fascinating chapter of Indo-Muslim history that would otherwise remain hidden...'
— CARL W. ERNST, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Essays and Criticism
Satadru Sen
2014, viii + 262pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-95-5
Price: 995

The essays in this volume examine some of those strands, primarily in the contexts of India and the United States, but also in other parts of the world, such as Germany and Israel-Palestine. They highlight not only the particular histories of cultures of power and desire, but also the convergences of forms of power and desire originating in different historical settings.

(Enlarged Edition)
Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui
2014, x + 260pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-18-5
Price: 1,095

This book discusses the origin and growth of Indo-Persian historiography with particular emphasis on India's contribution to the literary heritage of the Persian world. It also evaluates the important changes that the writing of history underwent as it developed within the Indian environment. Besides a discussion of the methods employed by the Indo-Persian historians, the book focuses, for the first time, on an important contemporary work, Awfi's Jawami'ul-Hikayat-wa-Livam'ul-Rivaayat as a source for the study of the history of the social and political developments in the Islamic world.

Exploring Households in the Subcontinent Through Time
Essays in Honour of Nandita Prasad Sahai

Edited by Kumkum Roy
2014, xviii + 420pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-33-8
Price: 1,595

As a tribute to the memory of Nandita Prasad Sahai, a careful, committed and passionate historian and teacher, this volume Looking Within Looking Without creates space for dialogue, debate and difference as the contributors bring their distinctive perspectives and questions on an institution that is often naturalized and taken for granted.

Essays in Honour of M.G.S. Narayanan
Edited by Kesavan Veluthat and Donald R. Davis, Jr.
2014, 328pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-14-7
Price: 1,195

Irreverent History brings together essays in honour of Professor M.G.S. Narayanan, a historian who brought about a veritable shift in the paradigm of historiography in Kerala. As much of his work has been on the history of Kerala, the bulk of writing here is on the history and culture of that state. He has, however, made lasting contributions to other areas of Indian history and epigraphy and hence, another section of this volume is devoted to epigraphy and connected history.

Edited by Brajadulal Chattopadhyaya
2014, xviii + 240pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-55-9
Price: 1,095

The essays in Essays in Ancient Indian Economic History provide an outline of the change in the status and orientation of early Indian economic history and in the approach to the economic features of ancient Indian history. The essays traverse diverse subjects such as the function of property, family and caste, the origin of the state in early India; agriculture, surplus appropriation and distribution, and labour; the role of crafts and craftsmen in the economy of early India; and trade and trade organizations, and coinage. In doing so, the volume attempts to provide a chronological and spatial view of early Indian economy.

Edited by Satish Chandra
2014, xviii + 302pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-58-0
Price: 1,295

Essays in Medieval Indian Economic History is part of a three-volume set, comprising representative articles of Indian History Congress Proceedings (1935-85). In their analysis of the economic history of India during the thirteenth-eighteenth centuries, the essays in this volume delineate a shift from the studies of policies to the working of the revenue system, and its impact on the lives of the Indian people. Further, they highlight patterns and trends of agricultural production, the role of Madadd-i-ma'ash holders, and institutions involved in agricultural expansion and improvement, the incidence of rural taxes and also marks the growing interest in urban studies.

Edited by Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
2014, xxii + 306pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-98-6
Price: 1,295

Essays in Modern Indian Economic History is part of a three-volume set, comprising representative articles of Indian History Congress Proceedings (1935-85). The essays in this volume provide an overview of the continuities and changes in the historians' approach to the economic aspects of 'modern' Indian history. In the agenda of economic historians, the problems uppermost have been the policies of the colonial state, the impact of metropolitan capitalism on colonial trade and industry, and in particular the evolution of land revenue systems in various regions.

Practice and Research
Edited by Neelu Rohmetra and Anil Gupta
2014, xvi + 288pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-71-9
Price: 1,495

The need to appreciate cross-cultural perspectives and orientations is increasingly seen as indispensable. Globalization and emerging markets have highlighted the challenges of working in a multicultural environment. Strategically, these challenges can be viewed positively and can be a source of competitive advantage for individuals, organizations, as well as communities and nations. Cross-Cultural Management: Practice and Research focuses on a variety of issues including competencies, communication, tacit knowledge, entrepreneurial attitudes across cultures, multicultural work teams, models of organizational learning and 'crossvergence'.

Edited by Ashok Aima, Vinay Chauhan and Jaya Bhasin
2014, xiv + 190pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-72-6
Price: 895

Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Management attempts an integrated approach to tourism development, focusing on sustainability and authenticity of tourism experiences as effective responses to changes in tourism patterns and relationship matrix, as underpinned by the complex linkages fostered by multiple stakeholders. It discusses issues related to contemporary practices in tourism in order to develop strategic tools to mitigate the challenges faced by stakeholders in planning, implementing innovative programmes and in sustaining holistic tourism development.

Anand Singh
2014, x + 186pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-74-0
Price: 795

This volume attempts a reconstruction of the different Buddhist traditions that evolved at Sarnath between the preaching of the Four Noble Truths (sixth century bce) and the construction of Dharmachakrajina Vihara (twelfth century ce) in the early medieval age. Sarnath is one of the eight centres of Buddhism. This volume attempts an objective assessment of the history, rise and decline of Sarnath by studying archaeological, epigraphic and literary sources.

From Early to Contemporary Times
Edited by Chhanda Chatterjee
2014, x + 176pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-03-1
Price: 595

Literature as History, between its two seemingly opposite spectrums, puts forth an idea of unusual convergence between the fields of literature and history. It begins by showing how literary material — since the Sangam period of Tamil literary Renaissance in the first millennium up to the very recent globally acclaimed Indo-Anglian literature — has reflected the twists and turns of history. Sometimes it highlights simply the life lived by the people in their everyday contentment and misery; sometimes it is the Sufiana tariqa (the Sufi way) of syncretic spiritualism (tassawuf), and sometimes it is the literary symbolism of nature trying to represent the nation.

100 Years Ago
Pran Nevile
2014, xviii + 308pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-56-5
Price: 1,095

India through American Eyes: 100 Years Ago presents a rare collection of writings on India of the early twentieth century — a period that witnessed an upsurge in American consciousness of the Indian nation and its culture. Culled from ASIA: the American Magazine On The Orient (1901-46), the articles in this volume encompass a range of subjects from the nautch girls; snake charmers; issues of caste and class in Indian society; faith and folklore; Christianity and Hinduism to the British Raj; Mahatma Gandhi and his strategies of non-violence and civil disobedience for the freedom struggle; and the personality of Tata, the industrial genius. Taken together, these writings of significant historical value, provide an insight into an India of a bygone era.

Edited by Marine Carrin, Pralay Kanungo and Gérard Toffin
2014, vii + 344pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-87-0
Price: 1,350

The Politics of Ethnicity in India, Nepal and China critically examines the social, cultural and political processes that have shaped the lives of ethnic minorities in these societies since the 1950s. In India, the authorities have created smaller states in an attempt to accommodate the political and economic aspirations of some of these groups. Inspired by the Indian experiment, the political elite in Nepal is now seeking to fully integrate the adivasis/janajatis as citizens. The Chinese state, on the other hand ignores the political demands of its minorities, and focuses on their economic development and their modernization.

Zoya Hasan
2014, xxii + 556pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-89-4
Price: 1,850

Democracy and the Crisis of Inequality analyses how from the early 1990s politics in India began to undergo a fundamental transformation. Ethnic politics occupied centre stage, often prompting violent conflict and major political changes. Some of the essays focus on changes relating to representation, redistribution, social justice, secularism and the changing nature of the State in the wake of economic liberalization and globalization. Key issues that have been discussed are: the policies of group differentiated rights; caste-class politics; regional assertions; women's rights and minority politics and their impact on the pursuit of equality.

Indian Women in the Public Sphere
Edited by Subrata Bagchi
2014, x + 370pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-02-4
Price: 1,395

Beyond the Private World explores the status of Indian women, through the ages, in the framework of the private-public dichotomy, as reflected in their lives. Keeping in mind the Habermasian concept of 'public sphere' as a reference point, yet mindful of the incongruity between the Eurocentric ideas and the Indian reality this collection of essays appraises the position of Indian women in the pre-modern period with reference to tradition.

Volume V, Part I (Tamil Inscriptions)
Edited by Y. Subbarayalu and S. Rajavelu
2014, xliv + 498pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-75-7
Price: 1,850

The Vijayanagara Empire (c.1336-1650), the first south Indian state spread over most of the peninsula, except Kerala, has, to its credit a rich corpus of inscriptions in three Dravidian languages — Kannada, Tamil and Telugu — besides those in Sanskrit. This volume, the fifth in the ICHR series of Vijayanagara inscriptions, is the first part of a two-volume publication and contains 576 Tamil inscriptions of the pre-Krishnadevaraya period. The inscriptions throw much light on the significance of the Tamil area for the Vijayangara state.

Muslims of Muzaffarpur Since 1857
Mohammad Sajjad
2014, xviii + 266pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-04-8
Price: 1,195

Contesting Colonialism and Separatism: Muslims of Muzaffarpur Since 1857 is an account of the Muslim communities of Muzaffarpur in north Bihar, and explores the history of the area, the socio-political behaviour of the Muslim communities, their economic conditions and negotiations for a share in the power-structure.

The Changing Identity of the Santhals in South-West Bengal
Pradip Chattopqadhyay
2014, x + 252pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-91-7
Price: 995

This book tries to cover almost all the debates, from different perspectives, that have raged about the tribal world in recent times. As such the book will be of use to college and university students studying Sociology, Anthropology, History and other branches of Social Science. Researchers and planners may also find this work useful as it attempts to map the way in which ethnic movements in India can move in future.

Contributions, Receptions, Legacies
Edited by Biswamoy Pati
2014, xii + 172pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-90-0
Price: 795

This book brings together a wide variety of scholarly ideas: the way 'Aryans' are perceived in Dalit historical thinking; seeing the problem of Dalit liberation through the lenses of Adam Smith; the election of the Constituent Assembly (1946) with which Ambedkar was intimately involved, and which scripted India's Constitution; the approach of Gandhi and Ambedkar to the process of planning and India's economic development; and Ambedkar's attitude to Marx and Buddha, as well as Dalit Christianity. This book also includes a comparative study of Ambedkar and some of his contemporaries like Charan Singh and Ram Manohar Lohia in Uttar Pradesh.

An Outline of its History and Development (1526-1858) (Revised Edition)
Ebba Koch
2014, xvi + 160pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-53-5
Price: 1,950

This unique book, covers the whole range of Mughal architecture and including the numerous new photographs and detailed plans, presents the results of the author's extensive field work in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as Iran and the central Asian region of the Soviet Union. The author's in-depth knowledge of the original sources provides the reader with invaluable background information.

'Ebba Koch's survey of the whole range of Mughal architecture is... marked by impressive scholarship... in a short space, a remarkable full selection of Mughal architecture is illustrated and discussed with precision and expertise.'
— GILES TILLOTSON, South Asian Studies

'Ebba Koch's volume is by far the best available survey of Mughal architecture. It incorporates the latest theories on identifications and chronology, as well as information on hitherto little known buildings.'
— GEORGE MICHELL, The India Magazine

Twentieth-Century Indian Subcontinent
Suranjan Das
2014, xvi + 212pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-77-1
Price: 950

Interrogating Politics & Society: Twentieth-Century Indian Subcontinent broadly addresses three themes relevant to South Asian history: communalism, nationalism and the social underworld. Focusing on communal riots and patterns of communal mobilizations in twentieth-century subcontinent, the essays in this volume enrich our understanding of an issue that continues to plague our body politic.

Third Edition
Karan Singh
2014, x + 168pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-84082-01-7
Price: 395

In this collection of essays the author discusses the basics of Hinduism. Outlining the message of the Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanisads, he argues that Hinduism is not a cult, nor a bunch of dogmas, but a religion of the highest order that speaks of an immanent and transcendental god. It also offers a philosophy of life that cuts across ethnic and geographic barriers between men.

Composers and Politics in the 20th Century
Antony Copley
2013, 352pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-96-2
Price: 352

Music knows no frontiers. And, any Indian listener to the music of the selected twentieth century continental European composers discussed in this book will recognize the latters' response to the horrors of their times: war, violence, totalitarian systems of Left and Right, Gulag and Holocaust, and Occupations, both Nazi and Soviet.

'This is an accessible and thoughtful study, the aim of which is to examine music as an expression of the spiritual within an 'Age of Fear'... [T]his is, in several respects, an enjoyable and insightful book...'
— CHRISTOPHER PARTRIDGE, Religious Studies Review

Tabir Kalam
2013, xii + 188pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-39-9
Price: 795

Religious Tradition and Culture in Eighteenth Century North India contends that the 'decline' in the political scenario of eighteenth-century India did not imply an all-round decay and stagnation of society, especially in its religious and cultural realms. The emergence of regional forces, following the disintegration of the Mughal empire, greatly aided the promotion of regional centres which provided the grounds for a religious and cultural efflorescence.

M.P. Singh and Rekha Saxena
2013, xii + 224pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-59-7
Price: 850

This book is a comprehensive academic intervention in analyzing and explaining the federal formation in Modern India and the various aspects of the new federal developments in Indian Political System.

Anglo-Mughal Delhi c. 1800-1850
Amar Farooqui
2013, xiv + 220pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-73-3
Price: 850

Zafar and the Raj is a study of the formative phase of the history of colonial Delhi, a phase that from its duality, social and political, may be referred to as Anglo-Mughal. This book is also a political biography of Zafar. It aims to present the story of his life not, as is typical, from the perspective of the revolt of 1857, but in terms of Zafar as a prominent local aristocratic figure who was part of the Urdu-speaking urban elite of the first half of the nineteenth century.

Archives in India Historical Reprints
With an Introduction by Muzaffar Alam and Sanjay Subrahmanyam
2013, vols. I-V, 2666pp, Hb
Series ISBN: 978-93-80607-54-2
Price: 8,730

The year 1911 saw the publication of the first volume of the Calendar of Persian Correspondence, arguably the most significant publication of the period of the Imperial Record Department that had been founded in 1891, under G.W. Forrest. One of Forrest's eventual successors was C.R. Wilson, who conceived a 'brilliant scheme, that of calendaring the entire series of Persian records...'.

The Biography of a Song (Revised Edition)
Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
2013, xvi + 132pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-49-8
Price: 695

There are some writings which remain in the pages of books, and then there are some exceptional writings which come out of the pages and enter our life. The song Vande Mataram is of that exceptional kind. When we look back to that song published 130 years ago in 1882 and written even earlier, many questions crowd our mind. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya revisits the fascinating story he told in a widely acclaimed book he wrote in 2003 providing satisfaction for our inquisitive mind.

Comprehending India
Kapila Vatsyayan
2013, xiv + 232pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-45-0
Price: 850

The essays in this volume raise a set of highly pertinent questions with regard to comprehending the complex issues that arise when plural cultures meet the monolithic structures of administration and policy that accompany the aspirations of the nation state.

Kenneth R. Hall
2013, xii + 280pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-44-1
Price: 1,095

Networks of Trade, Polity, and Societal Integration in Chola-Era South India, c. 875-1279 considers issues of emic ('local') and etic ('external') agency; the origin of urban communities relative to movements of material and ideational 'commodities'; confrontations between alien cultures, formation of plural societies, dual loyalties, and multiple affiliations.

An Anthology of Marriage Poems from Chaucer to the Modern Age
Edited and annotated by Masoodul Hasan and Syed Naqi Husain Jafri
2013, xvi + 280pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-35-1
Price: 995

Anthologies provide ready, expansive insights into specific forms of literature. In the genre of poetry, nuptial poetry is singularly under-represented. The present anthology aims to compensate for this, and offers a comprehensive selection of epithalamic poetry from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries.

Edited by Lata Singh and Biswamoy Pati
2013, VIII + 256pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-92-4
Price: 995

Bihar and Jharkhand have been the arena of diverse social and political struggles since colonial times. The formation of the state of Jharkhand, which was earlier a part of Bihar and known as Chotanagpur, has been the result of movements for statehood, some of which have not only created a democratic space in these regions, but also brought about a paradigm shift in Indian politics. Colonial and Contemporary Bihar and Jharkhand tries to capture the complexities of some of these diverse movements.

Bengal, 1757-1947
Edited by Ranjan Chakrabarti
2013, xxviii + 686pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-41-2
Price: 1,295

This volume is the first of its kind to deal with the little known histories of hundreds of places in Bengal. Given the recurring geophysical and climatic disruptions in West Bengal, repeated changes of administrative units and names, lack of collective memory or adequately documented folk sources or oral traditions, the compilation of such a dictionary brings its own challenges. The entries in this dictionary are but an attempt at writing aspects of local history during a particular period, and demonstrate how numerous factors affected the landscape of West Bengal.

Iqbal Husain
2012, x + 218pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-48-1
Price: 850

Departing from the dominant historiography, Religion and Ideology of the Rebels of 1857 seeks to understand the ideological elements to the background of the rebellion and in doing so brings to light largely unexplored sources such as the proclamations of the rebels and their sympathizers and the correspondence they carried out amongst themselves.

Sailendra Nath Sen
2012, x + 278pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-34-4
Price: 275

A Textbook of Medieval Indian History studies aspects of the political history of medieval India and examines the socio-economic changes, administrative innovations, and cultural ferments during this period.

Vijaya Ramaswamy
2012, 154pp + 28 plates (16 in colour), Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-46-7
Price: 795

The Song of the Loom tells the story of the hoary tradition of textile weaving in southern India from the perspective of the weavers. It is, hence a narrative from below, mediated through the author's interaction with weaving communities for over two decades.

Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui
2012, 200pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-37-5
Price: 795

This work explores the cultural orientation of the sultanate of Delhi, a subject on which little work has been done so far. The architects of the sultanate introduced a new system of governance with novel social and cultural institutions, and Persian as an official language.

Self, Society and Empowerment
Edited by Posh Charak and Chandra Mohan
2012, xxvi + 284pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-32-0
Price: 995

This book explores notions of development as they relate to women and representations of women in society and literature across the world. Multidisciplinary in its approach, the essays in this volume examine subjects such as women's writing, dialectics of the self and society, as well as empowerment, to trace women's negotiation for space.

Changing Imageries of Maritime India
Pius Malekandathil
2012, viii + 234pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-33-7
Price: 850

This volume explores the changing meanings that maritime India acquired during the early modern period owing to the frequent efforts of the Mughals and the Portuguese from two different fronts to control its vast resourceful enclaves and profit-yielding neighbourhoods. By addressing themes that have not been explored before, this volume creates a new framework for understanding the changing nature of maritime India.

'In effect this book is a welcome relief from the often told stories of maritime history as it looks at the scenario afresh and the integrated approach of sea, land and religion and the logical arrangement of the chapters make the reader sit up and read with attention.'
— K A NARSIAH, The Hindu

An Outline
Ranjan Chakrabarti
2012, xiv + 416pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-50-4
Price: 295

A History of the Modern World: An Outline is an introductory text that provides a wellrounded historical account of the processes of the modern world, ranging from the French Revolution and Napoleon to the Cold War.

Indian Immigrant Women Build Lives Across Two Worlds
Ashidhara Das
2012, xviii + 162pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-47-4
Price: 795

Desi Dreams focuses on the construction of self and identity by Indian immigrant professional and semi-professional women who live and work in the US.

'Ashidhara's work tries to lend content and meaning to one such flow of human experience, namely those of the migrant Indian professional women in America. Recapturing the lives of these women, the author also pleads for their cause by unfolding the dilemmas of their life-experience and locating it within the debates on diasporic identities'
— SUPARNA GOOPTU, The Sunday Statesman

'A member of the Indian diaspora, the author provides a much-needed insider perspective in analysing the contested self and identity of Indian immigrant women in the U.S. Interweaving anthropological fieldwork with strong theoretical insights, she presents an absorbing narrative of a less analysed aspect of the quintessential American success story of migration. Although based on the experience of Indian immigrant women in the U.S., this ethnographic work contains insights that would be useful in analysing diaspora communities elsewhere in the world... Situating immigrant women at the centre of this discourse, the book offers a fresh perspective in understanding diaspora communities and is a worthy contribution to the growing literature on gender, work and immigration.'

History, Culture and Identity
Edited by Rattan Lal Hangloo
2012, x + 174pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-38-2
Price: 795

This collection of essays seeks to explore some aspects of the history of Indian emigration to the Caribbean, which is one of the most significant events in the history of Indian indentured migration that took place to different parts of the world during the second half of the nineteenth century.

'...Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean..., touches upon the diverse aspects of the history of Indians who migrated to the Caribbean between the 1840s until the 1920s, mostly as indentured labourers. The understanding of the migrant Indian populations in the Caribbean is complicated by the heterogeneity of the group in terms of cultural practices and the complex nature of the encounter between "indigenous" cultures and colonial domination.'
— SAGNIK DATTA, Frontline

Race, Freedom and Confinement in Colonial India
Satadru Sen
2012, viii + 360pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-31-3
Price: 995

This volume examines three interrelated aspects of the history of British India: race, the disciplining institution, and attempts by the colonized to imagine states of freedom. They deal with sites as diverse as the prison, the family, the classroom, the playing field and children's literature.

Symposia Papers of the Indian History Congress, 1992-2010
Edited by S Z H Jafri
2012, x + 530pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-28-3
Price: 1,495

The volume introduces groundbreaking research from a number of top Indian scholars and therefore makes a notable advancement in the fields of History and Archaeology in India.

A Global History of Cotton Textiles, 1200-1850
Edited by Giorgio Riello and Prasannan Parthasarathi
2012, xvi + 490pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-29-0
Price: 1,795

Ranging from China and Japan, to Europe, the Ottoman Empire, South-East Asia, and East and West Africa, the essays in this volume explore the global exchange and use of cotton textiles in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic worlds, as well as the impact of Indian cotton on local consumption and production systems. Taken together, they provide a wide-ranging picture of cotton cloth in the centuries between 1200 and 1850, as well as a framework which decenters Europe in the pre-modern global order.

'A rich resource on the multiplicity of global experience in preindustrial cotton textile production and trade. As such it will surely open the way to fresh enquiry.'
— DAVID JEREMY, Business History Review

'The Spinning World is based on a rich vein of scholarship... there are no weak links.'
— JOHN SINGLETON, Business History

'A collection of essays of high factual value and close scrutiny of process, its revisionism lying in its world-ranging approach to a subject which has largely been viewed from a Western perspective.'
— JANE JAKEMAN, Times Literary Supplement

'A significant addition to the growing number of multi-authored histories of globally traded commodities... This well-edited collection is also beautifully illustrated and designed, as befits its rich and fascinating content.'
— R C NASH, Economic History Review

Space, Time, Society, Man
Eugenia Vanina
2012, x + 336pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-19-1
Price: 995

The book centres on the world perception of the Indians in pre-colonial times, both in the specific features of their 'mental programme' and its comparability with counterparts in other pre-modern societies. While analysing the importance of space in the medieval world view, the book discusses how medieval Indians comprehended their territories and the landscape as 'their own' vis-à-vis the 'alien' space; the development of territorial-cultural and territorial-political identities, and knowledge about other lands and peoples.

Mridula Ramanna
2012, x + 202pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-24-5
Price: 795

Studying aspects of public health in Bombay Presidency from 1896 to 1930, and using extensive primary data, this book contributes to an understanding of the all India public health scenario of the pre-independence years. It will be of interest to scholars of history, sociology, community health, gender studies, and South Asian studies, as well as to health workers and NGOs.

'Health Care in Bombay Presidency, 1896-1930 by Mridula Ramanna is a well-brought out book. It attempts to move out of the much-studied 18th century to look at the early 19th century's medical history of India and adds fresh historical material on some aspects of public health in that period.'
— IMRANA QADEER, Economic & Political Weekly

From Bondage to Freedom, 1900–1955
Sailendra Nath Sen
2012, x + 376pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-23-8
Price: 1,150

Utilizing diverse original sources from India and France, as well as the private papers of Debendra Nath Dash, a key figure in Chandernagore politics, this book examines the unfolding events in the struggle of the people of Chandernagore against French colonial rule.

Bihar, 1920-1922
Lata Singh
2012, x + 278pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-13-9
Price: 995

The book revisits the historiography on nationalism by moving beyond the binary of elite and subaltern nationalism and focuses on the complex nature of popular nationalism. It also underscores the protests of the subordinate police, an area which has so far remained unexplored.

A Study of Malwa
P K Basant
2012, x + 370pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-15-3
Price: 1,150

This book is about the emergence of urban centres in the sixth century BCE, and analyses the processes and spatiality of urbanization, taking Malwa as its case study taking up a careful analysis of archaeological sources.

'The effort is stupendous, the sweep is vast, the study is exhaustive, and the impact enlightening.'
— HARBANS SINGH, The Tribune

Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries
Radhika Seshan
2012, x + 138pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-25-2
Price: 695

This regional history challenges accepted notions about the place of merchants and the state, and through a detailed economic history, sheds new light on the political and transitional nature of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

'Dr Radhika Seshan raises a series of questions, especially on the contested relationship between politics and trade, showing some very intricate and important connections. Though much of the information here is familiar, this is still a lively and well researched account.'
— MICHAEL N PEARSON, University of New South Wales

Child labour in South Asia
Edited by Shakti Kak and Biswamoy Pati
2012, x + 334pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-30-6
Price: 995

This volume explores the historical, economic, and social factors surrounding the issue of child labour and attempts to highlight the structural factors in capitalist societies that have made such exploitation possible.

'In the context of the enactment of the 'Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009' the present volume is significant as it takes a view that combating child labour can happen only when every child is in school.'
— SHANTHA SINHA, The Book Review

Aspects of Adivasi History in India
Edited by Sanjukta Das Gupta and Raj Sekhar Basu
2012, x + 298pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-10-8
Price: 995

The essays in this book discuss a range of issues affecting the socio-economic and cultural life of the adivasis. They also reflect some of the concerns about the methodology and resources, the impact of missionaries, gender issues, the agrarian situation, famines and migration.

Ramkrishna Mukherjee
2012, x + 88pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-26-9
Price: 595

Coming on the eve of the Indian elections of 2009, The Measure of Time in the Appraisal of Social Reality is an explosive exposé of what went wrong in Indian developmental planning. Focusing on land, caste, and gender issues, the book is a scathing critique of how the nexus between politics and academic neo-colonialism has subverted the cause of genuine development in India.

Ramkrishna Mukherjee
2012, x + 132pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-27-6
Price: 695

Why Unitary Social Science? pleads for a comprehensive appraisal of social reality. Tracing the visionary and transformative paths of reality from subjective to objective points of view, Mukherjee argues that it is precisely the division of social sciences into discrete disciplines that thwarts the emergence of an objective science of society.

'Ramkrishna Mukherjee has made a strong case, with his usual insights and clarity, for a unitary social science. This is a book to be taken very seriously by the world's social scientists.'

Go to Market
S Shajahan
2011, 590pp, Pb (in Demy 4To) with CD
Series ISBN: 978-93-80607-11-5
Price: 649

The 2008 recession had brought to the fore the need to substantially revise the process and content of the marketing curriculum to match the requirements of global businesses, especially during market turbulence. The 8 chapters on fundamentals of marketing, 6 Indian case studies and the CD that accompanies the book, will help to introduce young MBAs to new material as well as different ways of viewing the traditional content.

'It is a fact that we teach more case studies from the Western world and few studies of our own success stories. I am happy to recommend Applied Case Studies in Marketing for it fills precisely that lacuna. This handsomely brought out book is neatly structured with colour-coded subheadings and boxes making the sections easy to identify. To make the book student and instructor friendly, Professor Shajahan has very thoughtfully included 'snapshots' wherein he summarizes the main ideas, capturing the essence of the text alongside.'
Director, Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

'Applied Case Studies in Marketing is a perfect example of how we can design curricula for a dynamic subject like marketing. Professor Shajahan has chosen his case studies with a focus on the emerging sectors of the Indian economy, while giving real time scenario-like narrations of the case studies and their subsequent analysis.'
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

The Northern Bay of Bengal Before Colonialism
Edited by Rila Mukherjee
2011, xii + 520pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-20-7
Price: 1,395

This book visualizes the cultural space of the northern Bay of Bengal as embracing upland landlocked areas — Ava, Yunnan, the Tripuri, Dimasa and Ahom states — not usually seen as part of maritime history, therefore suggesting that they too be studied as a part of the social and commercial networks of the Indian Ocean.

'This book defines the place of the Bay of Bengal in the larger Indian Ocean world, relative to the historical significance of its polycentric ports, trade, commercial/financial, and cultural networks. The book addresses regional upstream-downstream linkages, characterized by human dialogue rather than domination that extended beyond contemporary political borders, most notably in the connection between the Bay and China's Yunnan province.'
— KENNETH R. HALL, Professor of History
Ball State University, Indiana and
Member, Advisory Board
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

'The key contribution of this book is that it asks us to look at the northern Bay of Bengal, and its surrounding landed areas, and to consider if this is a region which has enough commonalities so that it can be studied just as we study, say, India’s west coast, or the Coromandel. At first sight this is an extraordinary claim, for we are looking at parts of four different modern states — India, Bangladesh, China and Myanmar — with a host of different languages, and with vast geographical differences, from deltas to flood plains to mountains. The achievement of the book is that it makes a powerful case for a positive answer.'
— MICHAEL N. PEARSON, Emeritus Professor of History
University of New South Wales

Essays in Indian Historiography
Edited by Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
2011, x + 366pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-17-7
Price: 1,095

Historiography in itself as a subject of study has rarely found its place in the syllabi of Indian universities, while knowledge of Historiography is often taken for granted when a scholar plunges into research. This first volume in a series of volumes on Historiography, as planned by the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), attempts to address this lacuna by studying areas of research presently at the frontiers of new research.

'Approaches to History is a superb anthology for the choice of themes as well as for the scholarly ways of addressing [them]. All essays in the book are informative and analytical, none polemical, and some truly brilliant.'
— B. SURENDRA RAO, The Hindu

Essays in Honour of Aniruddha Ray
Edited by Ishrat Alam and Syed Ejaz Hussain
2011, viii + 308pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-17-7
Price: 795

With contributions from eminent historians of the subcontinent, this book throws new light on numerous aspects of Indian history: its sources and their interpretations; the evolution of cultural aspects like languages especially Hindi and Bengali; archaeology; painting; technology; trade and commerce and labour.

Essays in Honour of Uma Chakravarti
Edited by Kumkum Roy
2011, viii + 192pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-22-1
Price: 795

Delving into texts ranging from the Rigveda to contemporary Dalit literature, and using diverse analytical strategies to understand present-day situations and experiences, the contributors of this volume address themes like issues of caste, nationalism, gendered identities, communalization, sexualities, socio-political relationships in all their complexities and the modes of transmission of ancient texts.

'Uma Chakravarti, feminist historian, teacher, and democratic rights' activist, has inspired generations of teachers and students. Contributors to this volume, in the process of acknowledging their indebtedness to or by way of paying tribute to the never-say-done spirit of Uma, take off from and build upon the insights her varied and rich scholarship has brought to the discipline of History...'

Popular Readings
Edited by Biswamoy Pati
2011, x + 118pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-18-4
Price: 595

This book explores Bal Gangadhar Tilak's engagements, not just with the Indian national movement, but also with the nuanced diversities associated with a context that preceded the mass movements. The contributors attempt to historicize a nationalist icon, presenting a holistic picture of a leading nationalist personality, including his contradictions and ambiguities, making both Tilak and his context accessible.

Edited by Michael Bergunder, Heiko Frese and Ulrike Schröder
2011, x + 376pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-21-4
Price: 1,095

Making use of a detailed analysis of Tamil and Telugu sources, and through an examination of the newly established print media of the time, the book explores the impact of notions of rituals, caste and religion in the formation of social, cultural and religious identities of the society of colonial south India.

Learning through the Arts in Asia
Edited by Kapila Vatsyayan
2011, x + 176pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-14-6
Price: 650

The essays in this volume, by educationists from different Asian countries, highlight the diverse and the distinctive ways of transmitting knowledge through the arts and crafts, which also contribute to the recent focus on evolving alternative pedagogical tools in the formal and non-formal systems of education.

Translated and edited by Mushirul Hasan and Nishat Zaidi
2011, lvi + 208pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-07-8
Price: 950

This book, enriched by the editorial interventions of the translators and editors, provides a description of Syed Ahmed Khan's experiences in Marseilles and Paris, and eventually in England, to encapsulate his growing inclination to modernism vis-a-vis Indian Muslims, their education and, the adoption of Western science and thought.

Edited by Rila Mukherjee
2011, xxvi + 384pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-09-2
Price: 1,395

Viewing the waterscapes as conduits of economic and cultural sharing between peoples and lands, the book focuses on the Indian, the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea, while studying economic, military and cultural transmissions within and across them.

'The story of Kasimbazar's networks is one of many networks described in a remarkable book, Networks in the First Global Age 1400-1800 … It contains contributions from Indian, French, Iberian and American scholars. It studies networks such as the one in the Portuguese city of Porto which linked the Asian and Atlantic networks, the one in Ladakh which linked South and Central Asian markets, … Its central assumption is that to understand the flow of historical events you need to study the networks in operation and the nature of connectivity among these networks. This is a dramatic departure from earlier historical methods which would have viewed, … events in the 'small world' Kasimbazar as deriving from its role as a small town in a larger empire, the Mughal, or to view it as a participant in the events in a particular period, that is, the 17th and 18th centuries.'
— AJIT BALAKRISHNAN, Business Standard.
Ajit Balakrishnan is founder and CEO of Rediff.com
and also Chairman, Governing Council, IIM-C

Princely Gwalior, c. 1800-1850
Amar Farooqui
2011, x + 158pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-08-5
Price: 650

The book attempts a reappraisal of several facets of the history of Malwa in the colonial period, including the history of the Pindaris, and the trade in Malwa opium.

Biswamoy Pati and Mark Harrison
2011, xiv + 242pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-12-2
Price: 795
For sale only in South Asia

The volume explores a unique set of themes that capture the diversities of India, such as public health, medical institutions, mental illness and the politics and economics of colonialism. It will be of interest to scholars of history, especially the history of medicine and the history of colonialism and imperialism, sociology, social anthropology, cultural theory, and South Asian Studies, as well as to health workers and NGOs.

'The book is a must for students of the history of South Asia, and not just its medical history, since it has a lot about colonial rule in practice.'
— MICHAEL MANN, H-Soz-u-Kult

Christophe Jaffrelot
2010, xxxii + 802pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-04-7
Price: 2,250

This book makes a detailed study on the functioning of India's democracy on the one hand, and the way India relates to the world on the other. For the former, it examines the Indian political culture where caste and religion, including Hindu nationalism and lower caste politics play a major role. Discussing the way India relates to the world, it takes a close look at India's ties with the US, Russia and Europe, to analyse its status as an emerging world power.

'Christophe Jaffrelot has for some fifteen years been a major source of work first on Hindu nationalist politics, and more recently on low caste politics in India. [This volume] brings together a collection in English of more than 30 of Jaffrelot's many articles and contributions to edited volumes on different aspects of Indian politics. Some of these articles have been very influential in their own right, whilst others have worked as "feeders" into his major works such as those mentioned above. My judgement is that this kind of volume would be a welcome addition to the literature on modern Indian politics.'
— JOHN ZAVOS, University of Manchester

Shereen Ratnagar
2010, xiv + 112pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-02-3
Price: 825

The book discusses the definition of tribal society, tribal migrations in history, agricultural production and is the result of ethno-archaeological research amongst tribal people in eastern Gujarat.

'The book argues convincingly that "modest land allocations" should be made to tribal households so that they could eke out their livelihood by adopting their time-tested traditional methods of cultivation.'
The Hindu

'The book ... is about sustainable subsistence system of the Rathwa and Dhanak communities in Tejgarh-Chhota Udepur area in eastern Gujarat, which forms the huge tribal belt of central India. Locating the tribal situation in the context of increasing rural poverty and marginalisation, the specific purpose of Ratnagar's study is to show how 'tribal people, given access to a minimum of land, water and forest resources, can see to their food security even this day and age, however "quaint" or "primitive" their ways may appear'. ... The main part of the book is an attempt to understand how the Rathwas, Dhanak and Naikdas, of Malaja and Ambala villages in Rewakantha, have managed to survive within constraints, in difficult conditions, with limited resources. ... The discussion over the next two chapters brings out the main argument of the book, that although incorporation into the market is both inevitable and healthy, to some extent, the 'absence of production for the market is one of the factors that has enabled tribal society to maintain its autonomy and the robustness of some (at least) of its cultural distinction'. ... The most important point Ratnagar makes is that Rathwas and Dhanaks, like many other tribal communities in the world, are capable of managing their resources well, wisely, skilfully and sustainably, and hold together as a group with good institutions. ... Ratnagar's book is easy to read. It is theoretically informed and empirically insightful. ... It is a book written with concern and competence, and "from the heart" which shows in the prominent place her informants find the book.'
— INDRA MUNSHI, Economic & Political Weekly

Sandhya Sharma
2010, x + 232pp + 16 colour plates, Hb
ISBN: 978-81-908918-1-3
Price: 1,195

This book provides a detailed analysis of Riti Kal poetry, which in turn helps us understand the administrative set-up, kinship, caste and gender norms that prevailed in pre-modern India.

'The book can also be placed alongside, and in counterpoint to, scholarship on the changing tenor of Indo-Persian aesthetic cultures in the Mughal period (as in the work of Sunil Sharma and Muzaffar Alam). Sharma's study is an indispensable contribution, pointing to new and revelatory considerations of a highly formalized literature vitally engaged in history.'
— SUTOPA DASGUPTA, Harvard University
The Journal of Asian Studies

'Sandhya Sharma's work captures an intense cultural moment and documents the social and cultural history of that moment using poetry as evidence. In this effort, she steers away from the mainstream ideas . . . [and] unambiguously provides sufficient ground for her innovative research methodology... a fine balance between materials and analysis constitutes the real strength of this work.'
University of Texas in Itinerario (Cambridge Journals)

T K Venkatasubramanian
2010, xvi + 158pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-06-1
Price: 695

This volume examines the ways in which interdisciplinarity between music and history may be established and also how history and aesthetics exist in reciprocal relation to one another.

'Musical heritage ... territorially binds all the four linguistic States of southern India. The book traces the historical growth of music as a classical art in the Tamil-speaking areas of south India .... An interesting dimension of this evolutionary process is the deification of the king, with musical pieces singing his glory and attributing divinity to his persona.'
The Hindu

The Life and Legacy of an Empire Builder
Syed Anwarul Haque Haqqi
2010, xxx + 326pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-81-908918-9-9
Price: 995

This volume provides an evocative account of Temuchin Chingiz Khan, who knitted the warring Mongol tribes into well-trained warriors, and who went on to establish an empire from the Great Wall of China to the Caspian Sea and the Indus River.

'The book contains an elaborate and well classified bibliography and index and the appendix includes a useful collection of the most important sources of the Mongol period.'
— TABIR KALAM, The Book Review

'The book... is quite relevant to the students of medieval Indian history because the emergence of the Delhi Sultanate cannot be understood without taking into account the Mongol presence in northwestern India... The book contains seven historical maps, which complement the text in several meaningful ways... the publisher has done a tremendous job in producing a beautiful volume...'
— SURINDER SINGH, Summerhill

Syed Naqi Husain Jafri
2010, xxii + 218pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-81-908918-5-1
Price: 675

The collection of essays looks at various themes such as ghazal as a form of non-conformist poetry, Hispano-Arabic connections with English poetry, Syed Ahmad Khan's role in the Urdu-Hindi controversy, and madrasa education and its contemporary criticism.

Up to the Thirteenth Century
Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui
2009, viii + 208pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-81-908918-0-6
Price: 795

Using literary works as sources of history, this book examines the methods employed by the early Indo-Persian historians to write the history of India. It is a pioneering work insofar as it attempts to study the social background and the religious and political ideals of each of the writers included in this book.

'This work is undoubtedly a valuable contribution and it is based on and reflective of the author's complete mastery over a wide range of sources which no serious scholar of early Medieval Indian historiography can afford to ignore.'
— TABIR KALAM, The Book Review

Texts and Contexts, Essays on Ismaili Hymns from South Asia
Edited by Francoise Mallison and Tazim R. Kassam
2010, xxvi + 226pp, Hb with CD
ISBN: 978-81-908918-7-5
Price: 795

This volume on the Ginans illustrates how Satpanth Ismaili Muslims of South Asia were influenced by the surrounding cultures and philosophies, and evolved new ways of expressing their beliefs and values.

Trade, Religion and Polity in the Indian Ocean
Pius Malekandathil
2010, xxviii + 212pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-01-6
Price: 695

This volume discusses the socio-economic and political processes that evolved over centuries in the coastal fringes of India and out of the circuits of the Indian Ocean, to give it the consciousness and identity of Maritime India.

'Dr Malekandathil has done justice to this region (the history of Portuguese-Ottoman rivalry in the Indian Ocean) in this pioneering book.'

'Significantly, Pius has dealt with the India-Sassanid (Persia) maritime trade and its impact on society, an area that has not been gone into by the earlier studies.'
The Hindu

'We owe it to Pius Malekandathil: his recent compilation … has made it easier for us to appreciate better the insights he has been contributing … to the understanding of maritime India.'
Herald Opinion

Society and Ecology in pre-Modern India
Edited by Yogesh Sharma
2010, xii + 216pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-00-9
Price: 695

The book, thus takes up for consideration maritime and oceanic history and related thematic engagements such as the history of overseas exploration and expansion, naval-military history, shipping, port cities, the role of migrations and cross-cultural processes.

'Well-researched and documented, quite a few of the articles throw valuable new light on the early modern maritime history of India.'
The Hindu

Madhu Trivedi
2010, xii + 314pp + 32 plates (4 in colour), Hb
ISBN: 978-81-908918-8-2
Price: 1,095

This book makes an extensive study of the art and culture of Awadh during the Nawabi period (c. 1722-1856), with a focus on the city of Lucknow. It takes up evidence available in the Persian and Urdu languages, as well as performance traditions and craft techniques of the age.

'This well researched work is indeed a significant and valuable contribution to the real of knowledge and could be apt spring board for further researches in socio-economic and cultural history. The presentation of the book is praiseworthy. The lucid and convincing language makes the book all the more an interesting reading.'

People, Princes and Colonialism
Edited by Waltraud Ernst and Biswamoy Pati
2010, 244pp, Pb
ISBN: 978-93-80607-03-0
Price: 495

This book reassesses the place of the Indian princely states within the history of South Asia and weaves together hitherto uncharted areas.

'The twelve essays in this volume deal with a range of understudied topics related to the Indian princely states…. [T]he contributors generally share a habit of utilizing rare archival sources materials to critique the colonial mode of historiography and the tradition that studies the Indian states in reductionist ways….Taken together, the articles in this anthology raise important questions for future research.'
— NAWARAJ CHAULAGAIN, Harvard University
South Asia

Edited by Manju Jain
2009, xx + 274pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-81-908918-4-4
Price: 900

This collection of essays by subject specialists examines the politics of violence, communalism, and terrorism as negotiated in cinema; the representations of identitarian politics; and the complex ideological underpinnings of literary adaptations.

Anirudh Deshpande
2009, xviii + 170pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-81-908918-2-0
Price: 595

This book offers a historical understanding of the Indian Audio-Visual media as well as examines and deconstructs the relationship between fact and fiction, history and imagination, nationalism and communalism, nation and gender, history and war, media and mentality and cinema and social identities particularly in Hindi cinema.

Essays on Religion, History and Culture
Amiya P. Sen
2010, x + 256pp, Hb
ISBN: 978-81-908918-6-8
Price: 750

This book examines a regional culture through a study of three key facets to contemporary Hindu thought - possible interplay between the divinely ordained and human history, innovative extensions in the meaning of older terms like 'Dharma', and new moral and cultural theories around select mythical figures and traditionally revered texts.

'The author goes beyond the socio-cultural and political concerns of the period .... By moving back and forth between ancient religious texts and nineteenth century debates on religion, he keeps the reader agog, and offers us a highly erudite analysis of the ... re-interpretation of religion in contemporary Bengal. ... the book ... will be amply rewarding for scholars researching in the neo-Hindu movement in nineteenth century Bengal.'

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